Feature accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc

Accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc motorcycle frame panel guard

Accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc

Accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc Water Cooled Frame Guards – Anyone who has bought a new motorcycle knows it doesn’t take long to start rubbing off the frame’s finish with your boots. If you have off-road boots, they can wear out the finish even faster. Prevent the excessive wear of your water boxer’s frame paint or powder-coat and protect it from dings and impacts with these exact fit frame protectors from MYiAdv.

accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc
accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc

Made of impact-resistant black plastic, these guards install quick and fit exactly how the should on the R1250GS or liquid-cooled R1200GS or GSA frame. Both small and large size frame guards are available so you can pick the amount of frame protection you need.


BMW’s Most Off-Road Capable Big-Bore ADV Bike

Dirt-loving GS Riders are a special breed. They relish the challenge of riding a large ADV Bike through technical terrain better suited for small-displacement dual sports. And Adventure Bike’s don’t come much larger than the BMW R1200GS ‘Adventure’ at 573 pounds. Even so, with its rugged build and long-travel suspension, the GSA is capable of handling some of the toughest trails.

The standard Accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc is no slouch in the dirt either. While it does have about an inch less suspension travel than the GSA, it’s 35 pounds lighter and less bulky. Some would argue it has a slight advantage off-road. But what if you could get the best of both worlds? The lighter, more-nimble package of the standard GS with the longer-travel suspension from the GSA? That’s exactly what BMW did last year when they released the R1200GS Rallye model.

Monitor accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc
Monitor accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc

Even better, the Rallye model features dirt-oriented components like cross-spoke tubeless wheels, wide serrated footpegs and stainless-steel radiator guards. The Bavarians also removed the center stand, added a flat one-piece seat and swapped the touring windscreen for a shorty enduro screen to further emphasize the bike’s no-nonsense off-road intentions.

But the key component for serious off-road riders is the ‘Sport Suspension’ – an option only available on the R1200GS Rallye. The Sport Suspension (make sure the build sheet lists option #547) has 0.8 inches more suspension travel than the standard GS, along with stiffer springs to handle rougher terrain.

BMW matched the Rallye’s athletic profile with a striking new color scheme – lupine blue metallic paintwork, motorsports fuel tank graphics and a cordoba blue frame. With its eye-catching graphics, combined with an aggressive off-road stance, the Rallye was an instant hit with GS fans when it was first announced in late 2016. But the Rallye is more than just a giant roost machine, it’s also one of the most technologically sophisticated Adventure Motorcycles on the market.

accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc deal
accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc deal

Our R1200GS Rallye test bike was delivered with all the bells, whistles, and then some. Convenience features included heated grips, manual-adjustable windscreen, a tire pressure monitoring system, cruise control, the BMW Navigator V GPS and a ‘key fob’ keyless ignition.

Electronic Accesorios para bmw 1200 gs lc rider aids consisted of “Shift Assistant Pro,” which gives you clutchless upshifts and downshifts; Hill Start Control applies the brakes when stopped on a hill, allowing you to pull away smoothly without rolling backward; Four ride modes (Road, Rain, Enduro, Dynamic) set the suspension damping, ABS and fuel mappings to match the terrain; And for those that want to unlock the full off-road potential of the bike, the red plug under the seat enables “Enduro Pro” mode.

Our 2017 BMW R1200GS Rallye came equipped with the Sport Suspension and Dynamic ESA, which constantly adjusts damping settings based on road feedback and rider inputs. New since 2017 is “ABS Pro,” which senses current lean angle to determine the optimal brake pressure to apply. Dynamic ESA is also now “self-leveling” (as of 2017), meaning it detects the current payload and automatically selects the perfect ride height for the rear shock (no more selecting helmets and luggage icons).

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