accesorios suzuki gs500f

Accesorios suzuki gs500f adjustable short brake clutch levers

Accesorios suzuki gs500f

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accesorios suzuki gs500f color
accesorios suzuki gs500f color

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Material:CNC Aluminum
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Suzuki GS500F: Beginner Bike Profile + Owner Reviews

My first Accesorios suzuki gs500f motorcycle was a ’99 Kawasaki Ninja 500R, a 500cc sportbike that came with around 45 horsepower, timeless good looks, and fuel-sipping fuel economy. It was an excellent first bike and one that I flicked from corner to corner with glee.

But do you know what bike I often wish I had opted for instead? That’s right: a GS500F. It wasn’t until I upgraded to a “bigger” starter bike (I bought an ’08 Suzuki SV650 to replace the Ninja) that I started to realize just how good I had it with the 500cc Ninja. Bikes like the SV650, Ninja 650R, and – dare I say it – the Yamaha FZ6 (my current machine) are great and all, don’t get me wrong, but I’m glad I didn’t start there.

Why? Like the Ninja, the GS500 has a lot of the qualities that new riders will appreciate from a 500cc machine: it’s lighter than a bigger bike, still sporty looking, and more fun to ride slow. And riding slow, as it turns out, is where most of us spend our day to day.

Details suzuki gs500f
Details suzuki gs500f

During its heydey, the GS500 (and its fully-faired cousin, the GS500F) only had one true competitor: the legendary Kawasaki Ninja 500R. Both bikes were powered by an efficient-but-also-lively 500cc parallel-twin engine, and both had sporty looks that never gave away their “beginner motorcycle” status. Unless you were a rider, you’d have no idea that the GS500F was meant for new riders.

The Accesorios suzuki gs500f disappeared from North American showrooms in 2008, but it still remains in production in other parts of the world (currently, South America is its main market). Model years 2004 – 2008 are easy to find across the United States and Canada, and those bikes tend to be found at great prices, too.

With 51 horsepower at the crank, 30 lb-ft of torque, and a low (LOW) four-figure pricetag, the GS500 is now one of the best values you can get in a new rider-friendly motorcycle… and it still looks great.

Suzuki first introduced the GS500 to the North American market in 1988 as the naked GS-500E. In 2004, the fully-faired GS500F model was introduced to North America where it was sold until the model’s North American retirement for the 2009 model year.

Overview suzuki gs500f
Overview suzuki gs500f

This was the first version of the GS500 to use a parallel-twin engine (an earlier Suzuki model of the GS500E, in production from 1979-1982, used a four-cylinder engine)
In 1992 the front suspension was revised by adding spring preload adjusters to the forks, providing more sporty and compliant handling
In 1997, the GS500 received new front brake calipers

After 2002, the GS500E (naked) version of the bike was no longer sold in North America (there also was not a 2003 model year GS500 for North America)

This is my wife’s Accesorios suzuki gs500f bike but I rode it on the freeway home after her purchase and got a good feel for it. I ride a Dl650. The 500 was rock solid at 70 mph and very comfortable for those 60 miles. The headlight gives good coverage. The gear shifting is very smooth. The brakes are good but I don’t like the position of the rear brake foot peg. I would like it higher.

Power and acceleration are very good for a 500cc stock street bike. Wind protection was excellent with no buffeting at 70 mph and especially calm at head level. My wife loves the bike after just riding around the neighborhood. This will be an excellent starter bike for her.

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