ambient light bmw f20

Ambient light bmw f20 car door logo light decoration

Ambient light bmw f20

Our LED interior Ambient light bmw f20 kit helps you to upgrade your car individually with the newest technology
Built-in yellow light will be replaced by a cool-white LED light.

ambient light bmw f20 best
ambient light bmw f20 best

Plug & Play installation. No errors in your BMW 1 Series F20
Retrofit possible to origin at any time. Very low power consumption
Long durability. Gives your car a premium and classy look
Approved interior lighting according to German traffic regulations


BMW 1 Series (2011 – 2019) Review

A ‘real’ BMW with rear-wheel drive, this iteration of 1 Series, for enthusiasts, marks the end of an era. Its successor – the current model – switched to front-wheel drive. BMW’s posh alternative to a Volkswagen Golf, the 1 Series clearly hit the mark in the UK, becoming a fairly regular entrant into the top 10 best-sellers list.

This means there’s plenty of choice on the second-hand market – and as BMW also offered many different trims and engine options, there are plenty to pick and choose from. We prefer the facelifted cars from 2015 onwards, as they have a better-looking front and rear, but there’s little difference inside – and they’re all as good to drive as one another. The all-new BMW 1 Series is here, but the 2011-2019 version is still worth a look.

Overview bmw f20
Overview bmw f20

The idea behind the 1 Series was simple: make a smaller, cheaper, hatchback version of the BMW 3 Series. BMW picked the perfect set of tools to achieve that, too – the architecture of the 3 Series itself, no less. This means 1 Series buyers really were getting a premium-grade car at a (slightly) more mainstream price.

Retaining Ambient light bmw f20 the rear-wheel-drive setup was good news for handling, making the 1 Series a rarity in this sector – both Audi and Mercedes-Benz use front-wheel drive (with all three also building all-wheel drive versions as well). The extra balance and purity this endowed the BMW with was obvious from the first turn of the wheel.

The trouble is, rear-wheel-drive cars are not as space-efficient as their front-driven counterparts. That’s less of a problem in a larger car such as the 3 Series, but it did lead to compromises with the 1 Series. Most notably, in terms of rear-seat space. It’s pretty cramped back there, with the boot being similarly compromised.

There were fewer complaints up front. The driver Ambient light bmw f20-focused layout feels good, with seats that drop nice and low, a chunky steering wheel and a nice high-mounted gearlever. That this is backed up by such an entertaining drive makes it easy to see why the 1 Series appealed.

Interior bmw f20
Interior bmw f20

Most engines Ambient light bmw f20, even by today’s standards, are very good on fuel. The diesels are real misers and the four-cylinder petrol versions aren’t bad either. That’s despite nearly every engine serving up a surprising amount of pulling power, making even a mainstream 1 Series hatch a swift car.

The most driver-pleasing version of all is the M135i, later improved to M140i guise. Both have a wonderful 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbo engine, and suspension breathed upon by the experts in BMW’s M performance car division. It’s great fun to drive, with superb sound effects, plus performance and handling more akin to a sports car than a hatchback.

Early BMW 1 Series of this era did have slightly ‘difficult’ front-end styling from launch. The headlights were too big and the rear lights too weedy. An extensive overhaul from 2015 fixed it at both ends – this was the better-looking model that began its ascent up the sales charts.

BMW also continually improved onboard infotainment systems, maintaining its leadership over rivals in this area. The best became ever-better, and it’s well worth your while to keep an eye out for second-hand models featuring the ‘widescreen’ premium navigation upgrade.

With the latest 1 Series becoming that bit more mainstream in its focus, this model is likely to remain sought after by a core of loyal buyers for some time to come, particularly in M135i and M140i guises.

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