android 10.25 mercedes w204 best

Android 10.25 mercedes w204 auto car dvd radio best

Android 10.25 mercedes w204

IPS Android 10.25 mercedes w204 capacitive Screen + Builtin Wifi + GPS navigation+ steering wheel control + Bluetooth + Builtin MIC + Support USB DVR function + OBD2 Funtion + Europe DABFunction + 1080P Vedio Play With 4G SIM Card slot

android 10.25 mercedes w204
android 10.25 mercedes w204

Be compatible with cars with/Without Optic fiber. Be compatible with cars with/Without Original Navigation function. Be compatible with cars with original screen 2.0/4.3/6.5/7.0/8.0/8.4 inch.
Be compatible with factory Canbus , Steering Wheel Control, Door not closed Warnig, Car Info, etc.


Used Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2007 – 2014 review

Although it’s always been a competent car, the C-Class saloon has always been a little overshadowed by the BMW 3 Series. Such is the all-round completeness of that car that it’s earned itself an almost iconic status, and the class it competes in, the compact executive one, has even come to be known by the car’s name.

However, don’t write off the C-Class. With the introduction of this third-generation model, it actually became truly competitive with the BMW 3 Series. While the Mercedes still wasn’t as sharp to drive as the BMW, it compensated with a softer, gentler ride. In fact, the overriding impression of this version of the C-Class was one of comfort, even if the four-cylinder diesel engines could be disappointingly noisy.

Head room is noticeably tighter in the rear seats than it is in the Audi A4 of the same era, but average-sized adults will still fit and the boot has enough room for a couple of big suitcases or golf bags.

android 10.25 mercedes w204 deal
android 10.25 mercedes w204 deal

It’s worth buying as recent a C-Class as possible because the dashboard received significant styling, quality and equipment updates as the car aged. There were two significant updates: one in 2011 and another in 2013.

You can now buy pre-facelift C-Class models for less than £2000, especially if you’re buying privately or from a small, independent dealer. They lack the interior sophistication of later versions, but mechanically they should still have plenty of life left in them.

A post-facelift 2012 car will set you back around £5000 to £8000, depending on the engine and specification.

The last of the 2014 C-Classes still command prices of more than £10,000, while AMG performance versions are most expensive of all.

There is a clear divide here between the smaller-engined, fleet-friendly models and the more performance-oriented variants.

Obviously, the V8-engined C63 AMG is a highly specialised car that will be expensive to run, but a C180 petrol, with better than 40mpg in daily driving, will be very similar in overall running costs to a more mainstream saloon, albeit with servicing costing more if you use a Mercedes main dealer.

android 10.25 mercedes w204 promotion
android 10.25 mercedes w204 promotion

The star Android 10.25 mercedes w204 of the range in terms of running costs is the C220 CDI, which can get close to its official 68mpg fuel economy figure in real-world driving and which, thanks to CO2 emissions of 109g/km, will cost just £20 a year to tax.

The only serious concern over running costs would be the failure of a major component, such as a gearbox or the ‘Comand’ infotainment system, which could cost many thousands of pounds to rectify.

Unusually for a modern car, the Mercedes C-Class can suffer from rust, most commonly around the edge of the boot lid, close to the boot release handle.

The door mirrors can also be problematic, with noisy folding and adjusting motors and the integral indicator repeaters falling out of sync with the main units. They’re expensive to replace (as much as £500 each) so check them carefully.

The Comand infotainment system can be fragile, so make sure that all functions are working properly. There have also been reports of alloy wheels corroding and flaking.

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