angel eyes led bmw e60 deal

Angel eyes led bmw e60 light LED fog lamps halogen foglights

Angel eyes led bmw e60

100% Brand new, Angel eyes led bmw e60 never used or installed. OEM quality fitment, replaces original fog lights. Direct bolt on replacement, no modification required.

Size angel eyes led bmw e60
Size angel eyes led bmw e60

Product does not come with installation instructions, please refer to a shop/factory manual for installation.
Placement on Vehicle: Front, Left, Right
Part Number: 63176910792 , 63176920704 , 63176910791 , 63176920703


E60 BMW 520D Review

Angel eyes led bmw e60 brand known for a multitude of reasons both good and bad. On one hand they are a blend of big grills, flashy status and grime music video cameos, on another you’ll be faced with mounting repair bills, run-flat tyres and a ‘why won’t this sodding stain come out the headliner’ from the Mrs.

It may come as a surprise then (or not if you’re mechanically inclined) to hear that BMW isn’t all that it lives up to be, especially down in the slums of poverty spec 520Ds, 318Ds and the dreaded 116i; names that spark as much excitement as your mates used lighter.

Have you ever been on a cheap holiday to Magaluf or Turkey, and come across a wealth of expensive watches, Rolex’s and the like? Well you’ll also know that they break 10 minutes after landing back at Gatwick, such is a similar story with BMWs engines. Designed to fail.

Overview angel eyes led bmw e60
Overview angel eyes led bmw e60

The e60 520D had two variations of the engine, the M47 and the N47. The N47 is the one to steer clear of unless you hate money, with timing chains suffering from excessive premature wear and prone to snapping. The M47 engine was featured in the pre-LCI version (2004-2006) and doesn’t suffer from as many issues. The car may not be as new, but you’ll keep moving for longer…

Having been in both an LCI and pre-LCI E60, I can safely confirm there’s little in the way of build quality issues in either. Nearly everything feels well screwed together, however this isn’t a blog full of showroom fresh minters. For those higher-mileage workhorses out there, I must admit there can be an annoying squeak from the plastic doors and other trim while on the move. The door cards also have a nasty habit of popping off if being pulled shut, its surprising how many older BMWs have this issue.

Everything you touch feels like it was designed to be touched, soft plastics everywhere! Yet this doesn’t feel cheap, it must be noted BMWs standards on luxury have gone through the roof in recent years. I can almost compare it to a 90s Jaguar in terms of tactile interior switchgear, however the Jag is in another league of its own (coming soon).

Thankfully, most of the fiddly buttons have been replaced with BMWs iDrive system. this makes the cabin feel a lot more modern than it actually is, however the system really feels its age at this point.

In terms Angel eyes led bmw e60 cabin comfort, I’ve managed to sleep in one thanks to the cabin insulation successfully drowning out faint motorway noises; can your Vauxhall Corsa do that? Thought not.

angel eyes led bmw e60
angel eyes led bmw e60

The E60 benefits from an aluminium front. This helps counteract the heavy engine, allowing near 50/50 weight distribution. Put on a decent set of tyres and this machine will grip and keep on gripping, I cannot stress enough how good the handling is. Even in the poverty spec 520D variant, acceleration is punchy and the turbo has a knack of coming on just as you need it.

The car pulls smoothly and effortlessly on motorways, having a 6th gear irons out noises further. The manual gearbox can be springy however, making gear changing seam like a chore rather than something you’d actually want to do.

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