Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription

Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription Rubber Gate Slot Cup Mat

Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription

Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription Rubber Gate Slot Cup Mat for VOLVO V40 V60 S60 S90 XC60 XC90 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Accessories Stickers

Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription deal
Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription deal

Material : Rubber
Feature : Easy Installing,without any tools


Volvo S90 Review

It’s Sweden’s latest take on the German executive saloon. After the ageing, slightly anonymous S80 comes the super slick S90. It takes the traditional three-box Volvo shape and brings it bang up to date with XC90 styling cues. It’s bold, but in a class dominated by sense and rationality, we like that a lot.

Consider this a calm and serene E-Class alternative rather than an athletic, up-on-its-toes 5-Series rival. The aura of feel-good begins as soon as you climb in, with a lovely tactile ‘on/off’ switch as opposed to a starter button. Nice.

Sharing its mechanicals with the XC90, it’s a neat and tidy thing to drive. The ride Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription might be firmer than you expect, but otherwise this is a quiet, cossetting place to spend time. All of its controls are stress-free and there’s abundant grip and composure. Throw this it any commute and we guarantee you’ll notice your usual stresses evaporate away.

Engine wise, you’ve a choice of two four-cylinder turbodiesels, with 187bhp and 232bhp tunes. The latter is better not only for moving the S90’s large frame around, but because it comes with clever turbo lag-beating technology and standard all-wheel drive. The lower tune makes do with front-drive. In time, the T8 petrol-electric hybrid from the XC90 – all 407bhp of it – will join the range. Next motorway cop car of choice, anyone?

Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription quality
Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription quality

On the inside

Here’s where it’s got the Germans licked, by deliberately going in a completely different direction to them. The controls manage an excellent trick of being quirky, yet ergonomically satisfying.

The large portrait touchscreen takes some getting used to, but is superb once you’ve got your head around it. You can even hook it up to an optional 1,400 watt, 19-speaker stereo.

The seats are sublime, too, and only add to the soothing feeling of being inside the S90. Plenty of room, too, as its stocky exterior dimensions might have you expecting.

For the price of nicely specced four-cylinder S90, you can have a six-cylinder BMW 5-Series. Prices start at £32,555, but the one you want is a whisker under £40k. That it doesn’t feel bad value tells you of the quality on offer.

Driving Volvo S90 Inscription
Driving Volvo S90 Inscription

Naturally, its lower cylinder count means the fuel economy figure is strong: 58.9mpg for the more powerful engine, with the entry-level car topping 60mpg while sliding into the cheaper tax brackets with 116g/km. For a 1.6-ton, 5m saloon, that’s damn good.

We suspect there will be plenty of buyers frustrated – and perhaps somewhat confused – by Volvo’s decision to keep the cheaper engines on in the equivalent V90 while removing them from the S90. But the Swedish manufacturer is on a mission to become something of a market leader in electrification and this move in effect turns the S90 into a halo model for the brand.

That does, however, Anti Slip Mat Volvo S90 Inscription mean that its starting price is now significantly higher than the entry-level versions of the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class and Jaguar XF.

Buyers of large luxury saloons are a demanding bunch who expect a comfortable ride, superb refinement and generous levels of luxury equipment. So, is this electrified car good enough in those areas to tempt them away from its impressive rivals? Read on over the next few pages of this Volvo S90 review to find out.

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