Anytek 3int 1080P DVR 2

Anytek 3int 1080P DVR Camera 150 Degree

Anytek 3int 1080P DVR

Anytek 3int 1080P DVR is the most selected mid-range cruise camera version on the market today. Anytek 3int 1080P not only inherits the preeminent features of previous products but also adds a few other outstanding features. Let’s find out about this product.

About the Anytek 3int 1080P DVR product

  • Anytek 3int 1080P DVR of Anytek HongKong, factory in China. The strength of the lines according to this company is the resolution and wide rotary base, this company does not specialize in GPS, product design looks quite luxurious compared to other brands. If the demand for shooting day and night only, this company is a quite reasonable choice.
Anytek 3int 1080P DVR
Anytek 3int 1080P DVR

Outstanding features of Anytek 3int 1080P DVR

1> 3.o Inch IPS Screen

  • The camera is designed with a 3 inch large screen,convenient operate and has 360*640 resolution.
  • Easy contrlol and viewing with the large 3.0″ IPS screen with optimal display size
Anytek 3int 1080P DVR 150 Degree
Anytek 3int 1080P DVR 150 Degree

2>G-sensor technology

  • G-Sensor in Anytek 3int 1080P DVR collision sensor is widely equipped in the type of journey cameras to detect the impact on the camera impact. With the dashcam, the G-Sensor plays a very important role, helping to protect the video when a collision occurs.
  • Specifically, in the process of moving our cars there may be bumps or collisions even accidents. When a collision occurs G-sensor will be activated and remember the time of the collision on video. Videos marked with will not be overwritten during use.
  • In addition, the G-sensor can automatically activate devices and record, which is really useful when you want to prevent parking theft when parked.
  • When there is sufficient external force on the vehicle, the camera will automatically activate and record. After a period of time the camera automatically shuts off when no force is applied.

1080P HD dashboard camera for high-quality videos

  • This product possesses full HD 1080P image quality, along with a wide angle of rotation to 150 degrees. These are two extremely important factors when choosing Car Dashcam. The images and movies recorded and taken from Anytek 3int 1080P DVR bring sharpness, vividness and equally true.
  • High temnperature resistant materials used to withstand various driving condition. The 6-layer all-glass lenses with infrared optical filter ensures high resolution images with excelledt color balance for day and night rides. Always be in the frame with 150 degree ultra wide angle lens.

3> WDR technology

  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology is a function of the cctv that delivers clearer images in situations where the background light intensity is very strong, which is the case where the frames coexist in two very different areas. bright and very dark. To make it easier to understand, the WDR technology on the camera helps prevent against backlight.
  • WDR cameras are capable of recognizing the light of each area to coordinate the frame in the most harmonious way.
  • The WDR feature is capable of allowing you to customize the contrast according to the environment in which you mount the camera.
Anytek 3int 1080P DVR 150 Degree Wide Angle G-sensor
Anytek 3int 1080P DVR 150 Degree Wide Angle G-sensor


Material: Plastic.
Color: Show as picture.
Size: show as picture.

FOV: 150 degree.
Screen size: 3.0 inches.
Screen resolution: 360*640.
Memory: 2MB +128MB.
Resolution: 1920*1080/25fps.

Input: DC5V 1A.
Battery: 3.7V,200mA.(Built in)

There might be a bit color distortions due to different computer resolutions.
There might be a slight errors due to different hand measurement.

Package included:
1* Camera.(Battery built in)
1* Bracket.
1* Charging cable.
1* Manual.

The need for Anytek 3int 1080P DVR:

Many people still wonder if the dash cam is really necessary? The following information will help you answer the above question most accurately

+ Firstly, the dashcam helps to provide information in cases of collision or theft. The camera that captures a panoramic view of the vehicle during movement or stopping is the most important and accurate information whenever a collision occurs. This may be the basis for determining the causes and responsibilities of related parties. With the correct images recorded the damage party has no way to deny its responsibility.

+ The second helps to protect the car wherever and whenever: With this device the thieves must be absolutely wary of their sabotage or theft images and be a basis for accusing them at any time.

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