audi a3 8p reverse camera

Audi a3 8p reverse camera backup reverse

Audi a3 8p reverse camera

Audi a3 8p reverse camera High-definition and 170 degree wide viewing angles. with good waterproof function. Applicable to variety of Vehicles: car, truck, RV, mini-van etc

Solve the issue of bad car Rear view effect, can help parking and reduce incidents and accident. Support NTSC TV system
With its elegant and contemporary design, this camera is very popular

audi a3 8p reverse camera deal
audi a3 8p reverse camera deal

Made of high quality and durable material. Its simple and modest design and small size won’t draw any attention.


Used Audi A3 review: 1997-2015

Many Audi a3 8p reverse camera predicted small cars would devalue the prestige rating of the large expensive models in the range. That didn’t happen and soon Mercedes and BMW realised Audi had got it right and they, too, got into building small cars. Indeed, all three have come a further size down, with Audi A1 being a classic example.

Audi A3 sales were reasonably good from the May 1997 launch of the three-door hatchback, but didn’t really get up to full speed until the introduction of the five-door hatch, Sportback in Audi speak, in October 1999.

Though the Audi A3 is considered a small car by Australians, in Europe it’s often used as a family car. Four adults are more comfortable than you might expect given the relatively small size of the car. Rear-seat access in the three-door is better than in most car of its type, with front seats that move right out of the way. However, the five-door Sportback is obviously more practical if the rear seats are going to get a lot of use.

Overvaew udi a3 8p
Overvaew udi a3 8p

There’s Audi a3 8p reverse camera plenty of stowage space the cabin so this is a practical machine that suits many people living in crowded suburban regions in Australia.

Two good sized suitcases can be carried in the boot of the hatches, together with some small bits and pieces. Tie-down clips secure the load in a crash or under heavy braking.

An Audi A3 two-door cabriolet joined the range in November 2007 and was an immediate success. Naturally, it’s not as big in the back seat as the hatches, but four standard sized adults can share without too many compromises.

The Audi A3 has the solid feel that’s very much part of the marque and this has shown up in good durability as the years have gone by.

Handling is very good, though there is perhaps just a little too much understeer at the limit to suit the full-on driving enthusiast.

Engine Audi a3 8p reverse camera choices in the original A3 were a 1.6-litre single-cam unit with two valves per cylinder and two 1.8-litre twin-cam models with the Audi trademark of five valves per cylinder (three intakes and two exhausts). The 1.8 came with or without a turbocharger, with the turbo engine tuned to give flexible torque and economy at low to mid-range engine speeds, rather than flat-out sports performance.

Audi a3 8p driver
Audi a3 8p driver

The second-generation A3 was launched in 2003 and ran through till May 2013 when gen-three arrived downunder. The Audi stylists have stuck with the original successful shape over the years. Differences are obvious when the three generations are viewed side by side but the timeless lines make for excellent resale value.

Audi S3 is a performance variant and Audi RS3 is a full-on hot-hatch with everything that means in the way of scintillating performance for those who know how to drive.

Be warned that the RS Audi range, in all models, not just the ‘3 isn’t aimed at those who like to pose about in a performance machine. If you don’t haven’t had high-performance driver training you might find any RS is a bit much. It will look after you thorough clever electronics if you really do stuff up, but it’s nice to know you can control the car yourself.

Power comes from a variety of engines, mostly four cylinder units, though Audis famed five-cylinder performance unit is a major exception. Engines come in petrol and diesel. Turbo-petrol units have come to the fore in recent years and are arguably the pick of the bunch.

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