audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim best

Audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim strips

Audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim

For Audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim
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audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim
audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim

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Audi A3 Sportback hatchback review

Since its arrival in 1997, the Audi A3 has set the template for affordable upmarket cars, selling to more than 600,000 customers in the UK alone. It goes up against a host of strong rivals, most notably the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class, while the Volkswagen Golf is a slightly more affordable alternative.

For its fourth outing, the notoriously conservative Audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim has a bolder, more exciting exterior design that changes quite markedly depending on which trim level you choose. The entry-level Technik is relatively sedate, while the S line trim adds a sporty body kit and sharp LED exterior and interior lighting. There isn’t a three-door model anymore but the five-door Sportback is sold alongside a four-door saloon. There’s a powerful S3 model and economical plug-in hybrid versions too, plus an even faster Audi RS3 is due in 2021.

audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim deal
audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim deal

The interior is similarly radical, with analogue dials replaced by a standard Virtual Cockpit instrument display and every A3 coming with a 10.1-inch infotainment screen. Rather than sitting atop the dash, this is now integrated into the centre console, and the driver has a more cocoon like seating position than before. Quality is excellent, even in versions using upholstery manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, and technology feels two generations ahead of the outgoing model.

A small increase in width and length means passengers should find there’s a little more room to stretch out, but boot space is exactly the same at 380 litres, matching most competitors.

Engines Audi a3 8v carbon fiber interior trim are familiar but updated, and buyers can choose between regular petrol and diesel combustion engines with mild-hybrid technology for slightly lower running costs, or a plug-in hybrid ‘40 TFSI e’ model.

We expect the 1.5-litre petrol with 148bhp in the A3 35 TFSI to be a strong seller, offering 0-62mph in under nine seconds and fuel economy of over 45mpg. We even managed to better this figure over several hundred miles of driving. High-mileage drivers should also consider the A3 35 TDI, which has lower tailpipe emissions than older versions and manages up to 61.4mpg, while also feeling punchier than the petrol.

Handling is assured and secure, even in the front-wheel-drive versions we’ve tried so far. Quattro four-wheel drive will also be available, but our prediction is that it will be unnecessary for most drivers until much more powerful versions arrive.

Overview audi a3 8v
Overview audi a3 8v

Audi A3 MPG & CO2

Audi is broadening the choices offered to A3 owners, so while petrol and diesel engines are available, these options are bolstered by mild-hybrid technology and the arrival of a fully fledged plug-in hybrid A3 40 TFSI e. The latter uses a petrol engine, electric motor and battery to provide an electric range of around 41 miles, slashing fuel use and CO2 emissions. Audi is also working on a more powerful ‘45 TFSI e’ PHEV, which will manage 37 miles of electric driving.

Sticking with petrol first, the 148bhp 1.5-litre ’35 TFSI’ petrol engine has the option of mild-hybrid technology, incrementally increasing fuel-efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions. This will arrive shortly after launch, but until then the standard engine is hardly a gas guzzler, managing up to 48.7mpg with a manual gearbox. With emissions from 132g/km, it’s also affordable for company-car drivers thanks to a reasonable BiK band.

During hundreds of miles of mixed driving, we found the 1.5-litre petrol even more economical than advertised, managing exactly 50mpg. This is impressive for a petrol family car, and helps make the A3 a great all-rounder.

The smaller 1.0-litre petrol engine is badged as ‘30 TFSI’ and is capable of up to 51.4mpg when the car has 16-inch alloy wheels fitted. Its emissions figure of 124g/km places it in a relatively high BiK band.

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