audi a3 8v limousine spoiler

Audi a3 8v limousine spoiler carbon fiber rear trunk lip

Audi a3 8v limousine spoiler

Audi a3 8v limousine spoiler. Item Width: 15inch. Item Height: 10inch. Item Weight: 1.5kg
Material Type: high quality carbon fiber. Special Features: Beautifully decorated. Manufacturer Part Number: 0282

audi a3 8v limousine spoiler quality
audi a3 8v limousine spoiler quality

Interchange Part Number: 0282. Other Part Number: 0282
Country/Region of Manufacture: China guangdong
Placement on Vehicle: Car Rear Trunk


What alternatives should I consider to a used Audi A3 hatchback?

The family hatchback class is a crowded and hotly contested one, so there are many serious alternatives to the Audi A3.

The Audi a3 8v limousine spoiler most obvious is the Volkswagen Golf. This is the archetypal small family car and long-term king of the hatchbacks. Because it shares most of its running gear with the A3, the Golf has the advantage of offering nearly everything the Audi does but at a slightly reduced premium. It also offers a similar range of engines and several trim levels to suit all tastes.

The Ford Focus has always impressed us for its practicality nearly as much as its driver appeal. The latest version, launched in 2018, is a real humdinger to drive, with eager handling and a fine ride. That said, the A3 (and indeed the Golf) are both nicer cars to be in.

Another small hatchback with a desirable badge is the BMW 1 Series. It’s certainly less practical than the A3, with limited rear room and a small boot, but the fact that it’s rear-wheel-drive means it stands out in this class and will be more appealing to keen drivers.

audi a3 8v limousine spoiler promotion
audi a3 8v limousine spoiler promotion

Similarly, the previous-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a premium hatchback, but one that’s let down by its inferior driving dynamics, surprisingly poor refinement and relatively small interior.

Which used Audi A3 hatchback should I buy?

Whether to choose petrol or diesel power depends largely on how high your annual mileage is and how you will be using the car. On the whole, we prefer the smoothness of the petrols, notably the 148bhp 1.4-litre TFSI if we were buying an older car, or the 1.5-litre engine if we were looking at a later one.

We’d recommend Sport trim. This gets you a host of extra kit, including dual-zone climate control, sports seats and bigger 17in wheels.

audi a3 8v limousine spoiler deal
audi a3 8v limousine spoiler deal

What should I look for in a used Audi A3 hatchback?

Bodywork Audi a3 8v limousine spoiler
Not all versions of the A3 came with parking sensors, so check the bumpers and body panels for dents and scratches. Also, watch out for poor quality paint repairs, because any substandard work will void the bodywork warranty and could lead to potential rust problems.

S line models came with low-profile tyres and bigger alloy wheels that are more susceptible to kerb damage, so watch out for any scrapes on the wheels, because these can be expensive to repair and could indicate future tracking issues.

If the fit and finish of a used car is your primary concern, the A3 deserves to be at the top of your shopping list. Some owners of early examples noticed the retractable central screen creaking as it motored in and out the dashboard, but there have been few other issues reported.

Rear hub carrier
On certain A3s produced between 1 August 2017 and 31 August 2017, there was an issue with the rear hub carrier not being manufactured to the correct standard, so in extreme circumstances, the car could lose a rear wheel. A recall was issued to replace the carriers on affected cars.

Passenger airbag
Vehicles produced between 30 June 2014 and 15 November 2014 had to have their passenger-side airbag module replaced because of a faulty weld on the gas generator inside. In extreme circumstances, internal components could break off, enter the interior and cause injury.

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