audi a3 chrome grill trim

Audi a3 chrome grill trim honeycomb vented

Audi a3 chrome grill trim

Left and right lower side fog light Audi a3 chrome grill trim
For A3 8V pre-facelift 2013-2015 models (S-LINE BUMPER ONLY)

audi a3 chrome grill trim mode
audi a3 chrome grill trim mode

Honeycomb vented with chrome trim
Aftermarket quality parts


2015 Audi A3 Quattro Technik

Imagine my surprise, then, when I found myself taken with Audi’s cheapest sedan right from the get-go. Indeed, even just the simple act of starting the little four-banger impressed; the first time I pushed the little chromed start button, I had to check the tachometer to ensure the car had actually started.

That’s how creamily Audi a3 chrome grill trim smooth the little 2.0L is. One expects such civility and rectitude from a silky-smooth V8, but four cylinders are supposed to be thrashier with much clattering of valves and thrumming of exhaust accompanying its paucity of pistons. Instead, the little 2.0-litre TFSI, the top option in the A3’s portfolio (a 1.8L turbo gas engine is available as is the VW Group’s revised 2.0L turbodiesel), settled down to a quiet 750 rpm idle without the slightest of fuss.

Nor did the 220 horsepower that I thought I would find lacking end up seeming underpowered. It might be because the A3 is so light, it could be that this particular version of the TFSI is so torquey (258 pound-feet at a low, low 1,600 rpm) or it could be that I am really good at tailoring my expectations to abilities (I am told by my son, in the kindest possible way, that this last is, by far, the least likely scenario).

audi a3 chrome grill trim deal
audi a3 chrome grill trim deal

Whatever the case, the little A3 fairly zooms along. Like all the best cars I test, I found myself constantly needing to hold the A3 back, the 2.0L accelerating to a license-threatening 140 kilometres an hour with deceptive ease and holding that speed, again courting the ire of the constabulary, with aplomb beyond its displacement. The A3 has presence beyond its station.

The same applies to its interior. Indeed, the sensation that Audi has somehow managed to make a compact-sized sedan truly luxurious is even more apparent inside the cabin. The materials — the dashboard covering, the chrome trim bits (even if they’re fake) and even the leather feel decidedly more expensive. Compared with, say, Mercedes-Benz’s similarly-stationed CLA, for instance, the A3 feels like a Roller competing with a Chevy.

Besides the softer touch materials Audi a3 chrome grill trim, the A3’s layout also feels far more expensive: the MMI infotainment screen disappears into the dashboard when you shut the key off (the Mercedes’ LCD screen is fixed), the A3’s air vent arrangement (twist the outer ring to turn on and off, pull/push on the centre knob to control air flow) is elegance incarnate and the switch gear, though less dense than in higher-priced Audis, is nonetheless classy.

Engine audi a3
Engine audi a3

Indeed, methinks that the A3 will end up competing most specifically with the CLA. Though BMW’s 2 Series is ostensibly in the same class, it is a rear-wheel-drive platform with pretensions to sportiness. The A3 (and the CLA) are front-drive chassis that are, in their top-of-the-line guises, North Americanized with the addition of all-wheel-drive. Both are supposed to be what passes for basic transportation in the smallest of luxury segments.

But the A3 does it better. One gets more power, a chassis that feels more sophisticated and, especially, an interior that makes Mercedes look like they are focusing perhaps a little too much on its bottom line. Indeed, never once in driving the A3 after the RS7 did I feel like my trade was a step too far down the luxury ladder. That’s amazing considering it costs less than a third as much.

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