audi a3 diffuser

Audi a3 diffuser splitter spoiler scratch protector

Audi a3 diffuser

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Size: 40cm x 9cm/15.75″ x 3.54″ (Approx.)

audi a3 diffuser size
audi a3 diffuser size

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Audi A3 Sportback

A Marks & Spencer ready-meal. You and I both know that the Audi A3 shares all of its mechanical bits and bobs with not just Volkswagen’s Golf Mk8, but also the latest Skoda Octavia and Seat Leon. But that’s not the image it projects to the world, is it? Drive an A3 and you’re a business-class go-getter in a hurry. You probably use words like ‘ideate’ and talk about ‘low-hanging fruit’ in your Zoom meetings.

It’s been a roaring success for Audi, Audi a3 diffuser particularly here in the image-obsessed United Kingdom, so the recipe hasn’t changed much for the new 2020 A3. Same basic platform as the last A3 (which was quietly rather excellent, if a tad stodgy to drive), the usual fleet of turbocharged four-cylinder engines, and a six-speed manual or seven-speed twin-clutch automatic, labelled ‘S-tronic’.

audi a3 diffuser position
audi a3 diffuser position

The new A3 adds 48-volt mild hybrid power into the mix, on the 35 TFSI S-tronic. Most versions are front-wheel drive, but quattro all-wheel drive is available for more powerful versions. If you buy an A3 with more than 148bhp, you also get independent rear suspension instead of a Lidl-spec torsion bar, in an effort to give the mild-mannered A3 some handling zing.

The three-door A3 is no more – although handsome, it simply wasn’t practical enough in a world of crossovers to make a comeback, so the A3 is now a five-door ‘Sportback’ hatchback alone. It’s 3cm longer and 2cm wider than the previous version, but the wheelbase has stayed the same.

The extra length is used to house the A3’s hive of driver-assistance gadgetry, behind that front grille which, you’ve guessed it, is bigger and 13 per cent more ‘Outtamyway, yeah?’ than before. So are the bolder LED running lights, and Audi’s metal-pressing machines have been showing off with their bolder door creases. On the S-line in particular, you seem to get no front bodywork whatsoever. What’s not a techy light is a plastic mesh.

Compare audi a3 diffuser
Compare audi a3 diffuser

Prices kick off at £23,300 for a basic Technik model. Even this features all-LED lights and a 10.1 inch MMI touchscreen amid the dashboard. All A3s also get Audi’s ‘Virtual Cockpit’ instrument screen: 10.25 inches as standard, but there’s a 12-incher in the options pack list.

We’ve tested a heartland UK spec for this review: an A3 Sportback 35 TFSI manual in S-line trim. Ignore Audi’s risible numberjumble badging – we’re talking about a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with 148bhp heading to the front wheels. At £28k, it’s a gutpunch aimed squarely at the midriff of the Mercedes A-Class and BMW 1 Series. And as an all-rounder, it could well be the one to have.

You can spec an S-line Audi a3 diffuser with a 1.0-litre tri-cylinder engine, and it’s a sweet little powerplant, but if you’re planning to lord it down the outside lane of every motorway in the land like the thrusting bizniss-person you are, this mid-range 1.5-litre four-pot is the do-it-all motor of choice. Maximum torque (184lb ft) is under your right foot from 1,500rpm to 3,500rpm, and you need never rev it higher than that. Against the clock, this version takes 8.4sec to get from 0-62mph.

Good for economy too – we averaged 41mpg overall but saw motorway economy in the fifties. Audi claims 45mpg for an S-line, so we’re almost bang on the money. Doing big mileages? Put off a diesel? With its 50-litre tank brimmed, this is a 450-mile per tank car without any effort at all. It’ll be interesting to see how much the heavier 48-volt hybrid automatic can (if at all) improve on those numbers.

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