audi a3 front bumper grill

Audi a3 front bumper grill style front sport

Audi a3 front bumper grill

Premium Audi a3 front bumper grill quality made of durable ABS material, not easy cracked to enhance its durability. Provides better airflow to the cooler to protect auto vital engine components from overheating.
Enhance the appearance of your car, makes it more attractive, increasing your racing style.

audi a3 front bumper grill details
audi a3 front bumper grill details

The license plate and badge are all removable if you do not want them. Simple installation and high reliability, no need to jack up the car, no modification is required, only few screws to be removed, direct replace. Fit for Audi A3/S3 8P 09-13.


Audi A3 Sportback interior

Apart from the R8 supercar, the new Audi A3 has the sportiest interior of any Audi to date. It has a wraparound cockpit feel to it, accentuated by the air vents that look they are taken from the Lamborghini Urus.

Most of the interior is made from high-quality materials, although they do start to feel a bit cheap lower down in the cabin; a BMW 1 Series definitely feels more premium.

S Line Audi a3 front bumper grill cars get lovely front sports seats with integrated headrests and Alcantara centres with a diamond quilting effect.

The A3 gets Audi’s latest infotainment system – it’s even more advanced than the one you get in the Q8 premium large SUV. You get a 10-inch touchscreen as standard that has crisp graphics and easy-to-use menus. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also standard. However, the set-up in a BMW 1-Series is better still.

audi a3 front bumper grill quality
audi a3 front bumper grill quality

Upgrade to the build-in sat-nav and you can write in destinations using your finger, although that might be a bit tricky for right-handers in right-hand-drive cars. It can also recognise voice commands, however. The sat-nav system also has Parkopedia that can direct you to parking spaces – even roadside parking.

Instead of traditional dials, you get a 10-inch digital drivers display as standard, and you can upgrade to a 12-inch screen. It’s just a shame that you can’t share the map on your smartphone with that screen because it will only show Audi’s own map.

The Audi a3 front bumper grill volume control is a touch-sensitive button that you scroll clockwise and anti-clockwise to change the volume. It’s placed in front of the gear lever, which is hard to get to on manual cars. Still, you can adjust the volume with the button on the steering wheel, so it’s not a great problem.

In the latest Audis, you had to control the climate through the infotainment’s touchscreen but physical buttons have been brought back for the A3.

audi a3  interior seat
audi a3 interior seat

It isn’t just more tech that sets the new A3 apart from the old car – it feels sportier to sit in too. You sit lower than before and the sports seats you get in S Line models come with plenty of support and some lovely Alcantara trim. Unfortunately, if you set the steering wheel into its lowest setting, the rim obscures part of the instrument display.

Space in the back isn’t quite so good, so tall adults might find their heads touching the roof, but at least there’s plenty of knee room to go round. The dark headlining you get in S Line models can make it feel a bit dark and dingy back there, but there’s always the option of a panoramic glass roof if you want to let a little more light in.

There’s a decent amount of space in the Audi A3’s 380-litre boot – that’s the same size as the boot in a 1 Series – and it’s easy enough to flip down the back seats to carry very large stuff.

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