audi a3 rs3 body kit

Audi a3 rs3 body kit carbon fiber side skirts bumper

Audi a3 rs3 body kit

Audi a3 rs3 body kit design front bumper, equipped with headlamp washer mounts (SRA), RS3 design front grill (honeycomb), side grilles and lower bumper edge extension.

audi a3 rs3 body kit best
audi a3 rs3 body kit best

RS3 design front bumper, made of high quality polypropylene plastic, prepared for the painting process (primed).
RS3 design front grill (honeycomb), equipped with PDC holes (parking sensors), made of high quality ABS plastic, finished in glossy piano black.

Lower edge of the front bumper painted in gloss piano black.
Rear diffuser RS3 design compatible only for standard rear bumper.
RS3 design rear diffuser, made of high quality polypropylene plastic, finished in glossy piano black, with horizontal silver stripe.
RS3 design exhaust tails, made of 304 stainless steel, finished in chrome.


Audi RS3 review

When it comes to brute force, the Audi RS 3 is the hot hatch (or hot saloon) of choice. What’s phenomenal is that you get so much power wrapped up in a practical package; it really is a car designed to be used every day.

Like many fast Audi models, the Audi a3 rs3 body kit prioritises unflappable all-weather performance above any truly flamboyant fun when you’re driving at the limit, but as a means of getting from A to B extremely quickly it’ll shame most cars twice its price. It’s much better to drive than it used to be, however, with the 2017 facelift heralding some important changes under the skin.

Although the RS 3’s five-cylinder engine has been around for a while, Audi has worked hard to extract all the efficiency it can, which means economy and CO2 emissions are more than acceptable than you might imagine given the enormous performance on offer.

audi a3 rs3 body kit deal
audi a3 rs3 body kit deal

The Audi RS 3 Sportback and RS 3 saloon are a pair of high-performance flagship models that top the Audi A3 line-up, and they provide a tempting alternative for drivers considering rivals such as the BMW M2, Ford Focus RS and Mercedes-AMG A45.

Audi first offered the RS3 for sale with a 335bhp five-cylinder turbocharged engine back in 2014, when the car was billed as the most powerful hot hatch in mainstream production. The latest RS 3 performs even more strongly and in 2017 was upgraded from 362bhp to a scarcely believable 395bhp. That prodigious power output puts it ahead of both the BMW M2 (365bhp) and the Mercedes-AMG A 45 (376bhp), which is no mean feat.

WLTP emissions regulations briefly forced the RS 3 off sale, but Audi recertified it to the latest standards. Maximum power (400PS) and torque (480Nm) figures remained the same, though peak torque of now comes in a couple of hundred revs later, and the fitment of an exhaust particulate filter added a few kilos to the overall kerb weight.

Those changes are almost impossible to notice on the road though, so the RS 3 remains manically fast, aided by the traction of a four-wheel drive quattro system. In fact, with an impressive power-to-weight ratio of performance is enough to startle the average supercar, with all the added practicality of a saloon or five-door body. With launch control fitted, the RS 3 will sprint from 0-62mph in just 4.1 seconds and – if you have the electronic limiter removed – will hit 174mph flat out.

audi a3 rs3 body kit quality
audi a3 rs3 body kit quality

Other improvements to the latest Audi a3 rs3 body kit include faster shift times for the DSG gearbox, and faster reactions from a variable quattro system that can send 100 per cent of torque to the rear wheels on demand.

Unlike the main A3 range, there’s no three-door RS 3 hatchback model. If you want five-door practicality you need the RS 3 Sportback which is mid-way between a traditional hatchback and an estate.

Both the five-door RS 3 Sportback and four-door saloon versions come with a very acceptable level of luxury, and the spec sheet includes RS specific body styling, big 19-inch alloy wheels, and sports suspension that’s 25mm lower than standard.

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