audi a3 rs3 front bumper

Audi a3 rs3 front bumper hood grill gloss black

Audi a3 rs3 front bumper

This Audi a3 rs3 front bumper brand new Euro grill is suitable for Audi A3/S3 8P. It will gives your car an unmistakably authentic sport appearance. This for RS3 style grill is made of strong black ABS plastic.You can easily paint it to match the color of your car.If you want to add a visual impact to your vehicle and make it look totally different, just take it to dress up your beloved car now!

audi a3 rs3 front bumper best
audi a3 rs3 front bumper best

Premium quality grille made of durable ABS material, not easy cracked to enhance its durability. Provides better airflow to the cooler to protect auto vital engine components from overheating.

Enhance Audi a3 rs3 front bumper the appearance of your car, makes it more attractive, increasing your racing style. The license plate and badge are all removable if you do not want them.

Simple installation and high reliability, no need to jack up the car, no modification is required, only few screws to be removed, direct replace.


Does it do massive powerslides now?

While these improvements don’t translate into lurid, artificial-feeling Dagenham oversteer, on the tight switchbacks of the RS3’s Oman-based launch we found the rear axle to be quite mobile indeed, albeit if provoked with a late brake and flat-footed throttle application.

The Audi a3 rs3 front bumper back end stepped out progressively even with full traction control activated, but set the car to its special half-off Sport ESC mode and the RS3 gives you freer reign to express yourself before nipping one of the brake calipers to pull everything back into line with a bit of post-drift lag while the Quattro system divvies up the power.

It’s worth pointing out the roads were coated in a fine dusting of talcum-like sand and felt noticeably less grippy than UK tarmac, so it’ll be interesting to see how it fares here.

At its heart though the RS3 follows tradition with massive, trustworthy traction levels and a tendency for the front end to push wide in slow corners – it makes nearly 400bhp on a short wheelbase feel quite benign and usable, which is remarkable when you think about it. And at the end of the day, isn’t that exactly what an Audi RS car is for?

audi a3 rs3 deal
audi a3 rs3 deal

Anything else new?

Essentially this facelift brings the RS3 in line with the recently updated A3 so you now get LED headlights (with optional Matrix upgrade) and the 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit digital instrument panel with configurable displays.

The suspension is 25mm lower than the A3 and there’s a 20mm wider front track plus the usual RS styling upgrades – honeycomb grille, ‘quattro’ front bumper logo, larger air intakes, flared wheel arches and massive oval tailpipes.

Carbon ceramic Audi a3 rs3 front bumper front brakes are an option, as is the wider-ranging magnetic adaptive damping system, more supportive RS bucket seats and the ‘Audi phone box’ with its wireless charging pad.

The biggest headline, however, is the launch of the RS3 Saloon – the first time Audi has fitted a transverse five-cylinder unit into such a body style. Proportionally it looks like an older, more compact A4 and presents a tempting four-door AWD rival to BMW’s M2.

audi a3 rs3 promotion
audi a3 rs3 promotion

Pricing for the new RS3 isn’t confirmed yet but we expect it to be around £45,000 for the Sportback. Go a bit options-mad with magnetic ride, carbon ceramics and a sports exhaust and you’ll find yourself with a mid £50k hatchback in no time flat.

Make no mistake; that is a serious amount of wonga in anyone’s book, not helped by the fact that the spectrum of practical to entertaining hot hatches has been sewn up by the VW Golf R and Ford Focus RS, both of which are slower but have a starting price beginning with a three.

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