audi a4 b5 radio removal

Audi a4 b5 radio removal tool door clip

Audi a4 b5 radio removal

Length: 15cm, 17cm, 19cm, 23cm Audi a4 b5 radio removal
Colour: Yellow
Material: ABS

audi a4 b5 radio removal best
audi a4 b5 radio removal best

Item weight: Approx 40g
Package Includes: 4pcs * Removal Tool


Running a A4

I thought I would bring you up to date with my Audi (2000). I wrote to you, many years ago, along with other readers, regarding Audi’s suspect 20000 mile/2 year service period (I have serviced the Audi much more frequently). In nearly 16 years, I have replaced the cam belt (once) and the fuel pump (the control unit failed, not the pump itself). Plus one battery change (the second battery is now twelve years old). Servicing has been the hands of my local independent garage for some years now – Ratcliffe Brothers Ltd., Dunnicks Mead, Wedmore, Somerset – due to advancing age (mine, not the car).

Despite a less than auspicious start to our relationship when new (the turbo charger air pipes to the engine came loose), the car has proved its worth over nearly sixteen years of happy motoring. The attached picture was taken in 2010, but the car still looks good. (still less than 100,000 miles on the clock) and lots of short journeys. I do however, work the engine reasonably hard occasionally (when it is safe to do so and within the speed limits), taking it through all the gears. Also some fairly lengthy trips (Portugal, Scotland) and as much motorway driving as I can justify.

audi a4 b5 radio removal details
audi a4 b5 radio removal details

Buying Guide

Similar Audi a4 b5 radio removal expensive front wishbone bush problems as A6 and Passat – eliminated late 1999. Check the front lower suspension ball joints very carefully (see Recalls below). Creaks from front suspension indicate wishbone problem: budget for £500 – £700 to replace unless carried out under recall programme.

Rear discs rust first. Mixed metal corrosion at unions of flexible brake pipes to rear wheel. Corrosion of alloy washers on rear brake caliper pipe unions can result in sudden and rapid loss of brake fluid.

Rattling catalytic converters (especially on 2.6, which has two costing £650 apiece). Cats also fail on 1.9 TDIs built before August 1998.

Look out for signs of clocking and inadequate maintenance.

Look for accident damage repaired with non-galvanised panels or with bad welds.

audi a4 b5 radio removal promotion
audi a4 b5 radio removal promotion

Lock of front passenger door can fail. According to J.A., the fix is to remove 3 screws that hold the door trim on, then remove or stick back the sound insulation inside the door to the outer door skin, making sure that none is jammed in the lock mechanism. In 95% of cases the door lock will now lock and un lock on demand. Total cost 15 minutes time.

Timing Audi a4 b5 radio removal belt of 1.8 20v needs changing before 4 years or 60k miles (whichever comes first) and tensioner. 1.8 20v engines are snapping their timing belts at 70,000 – 80,000 miles and the extensive damage this causes is not repairable. The car will need a replacement engine.

Plastic water pump impellers on early 1.8 20v engines fail. Newer water pumps have metal impellers.

Bosch ‘hot film’ Mass Airflow Sensors seem to be failing regularly.

Protective rubber strips at bottoms of doors held on by mild steel clips which rust badly and disintegrate.

Power loss on TDI 90s and 110s over 3,000rpm can be cured by replacing a thin hose that runs from the exhaust, near the turbo, to the ECU.

Possible oil consumption problem with 30v V6s, so have emissions checked for excessive HCs before buying.

Some A4s develop a fault with the immobiliser ignition switch transmission reader coil. Some develop faults with both the reader coil and the key transponder. If the car comes with two different keys, this is why.

If the drains for the ventilation plenum chamber get blocked with leaves water will have nowhere to go except into the car where it can cause electrical and electronic problems. Best to remove the plug in the drain under the battery.

Plenum chamber drains block (especially the hard to clear one one under the battery) and seals fail allowing water ingress which can lead to electrical and electronic failures and eventually collects in rear footwell. Check very carefully for signs of water leaks (feel footwell carpets for damp).

May be a structural leak, may be a blocked ventilation plenum chamber drain, or may be because the a/c condenser drain pipe is blocked leading to water being dumped into the footwell. Very important to clear plenum chamber drains of leaves as water damage to the ECU can wreck the engine. Apparently this water can be drawn into the brake servo and causes corrosion to the servo housing and brake master cylinder that can result in reduced brake force or failure altogether.

VAG Audi a4 b5 radio removal diesels will run to starship mileages if you buy the right one and maintain it properly. Doing both of these things is not as easy as it might seem.

The pre-PD diesels were reliable but are all getting too old now. The economy was excellent but they lack the power of the PD units.

The best PD units are mid-period 1.9s with solenoid injectors. Avoid the later piezo injector engines and avoid the 2.0 PD at all costs because of the likelihood of oil pump drive failure – especially in N-S installations. The earliest PD engines had a rather complex and flaky fuel cooling system which is also better avoided.

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