audi a4 b6 armrest

Audi a4 b6 armrest center console arm rest storage box lid cover

Audi a4 b6 armrest

Condition: 100% Brand New Audi a4 b6 armrest
Material: Leather Color: Black,Grey,Beige(You can choose the color you like.)

Weight : approx. 350g. Quantity: 1 piece. Length: 29.5cm/12″(approx). Width: 12.8cm/5″(approx). Height:7.5cm/3″(approx).
Compatible model: for Audi A4 B6 B7 02-07

audi a4 b6 armrest quality
audi a4 b6 armrest quality

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My Attempt at a Car Review (Audi A4 B6 1.8T Quattro)

I am really not sure how I arrived here on the Readers Audi a4 b6 armrest page of Car Throttle or even on Car Throttle in general. Cars have always been a passion of mine in every aspect ranging from there artistic beauty too there ability to bring people together as a community (car throttle being a prime example), as well as the overwhelming exhilaration and experience they can offer.

The whole process that has brought me here can be summarized by the amazing content in the form of automotive pictures and articles put up by other car throttle users (so thanks guys!) and the compelling jealousy I experience when watching Chris Harris. Anyway’s I will stop wasting your time with all this “First time writer” cliché and get to the review.

As car owners we are all aware that a car is more than just a car. This becomes especially apparent when thinking about things to say about your own daily driver. Many of us will agree that our car is very similar to a good friend.

audi a4 b6 armrest best
audi a4 b6 armrest best

By this I mean that we acknowledge that they may have some faults but if anyone ever tried to point them out, we would defend them to the death. This feeling only increases when people have put blood sweat and tears to get there car to where it is today. This being said I will do my best to point out the flaws in the Audi A4 B6 1.8T

So lets Audi a4 b6 armrest start with how the car looks. Despite this particular car being released in 2002 I think it still looks very healthy and would go as far as to say it looks good, even in modern day traffic. The front end has a tasteful look and from behind has a nice wide appeal to it, both are complemented by the two tone lower section which in my opinion looks great.

The Interior fallows the standard German sedan design With lots of leather and sturdy feeling plastics. Audi did an excellent job of making the interior feel welcoming and giving everything a pleasant to the touch sensation. The sensation continues into the rear seats, which offer enough leg room for any reasonably sized individual as long as the driver is not outrageously tall.

audi a4 b6 overview
audi a4 b6 overview

My only major complaint with the interior design lies in the placement of the cup holders in the centre console right behind the gear shift leaver. The result of this placement is the potential for a spill every time you shift.

Now onto the Audi a4 b6 armrest good stuff. how is the car to drive? Well the 1.8 Litre Turbocharged in-line four cylinder is an absolute jewel. It offers smooth power delivery when paired to the 5 speed manual transmission (I have not driven the automatic so I am unaware of its performance), of course if you want the car to pull well then you have to keep it above 3000 RPM so the turbo stays spooled.

The transmission itself is not ideal as the throws are relatively long and the clutch is on the heavy side which of course is not enjoyable in stop and go traffic. This model offers a modest 190bhp Which is perfect if you are just using the car as a daily and does a decent job of not killing you when hooning in the snow. If more horsepower is your desire then fear not as you can easily stage this car up too 300+ bhp if you have the funds available of course.

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