audi a4 b6 led headlights

Audi a4 b6 led headlights marker fender sequential indicator

Audi a4 b6 led headlights

For Audi A3 S3 8P A4 S4 RS4 B6 B7 A6 S6 RS6 C6 05-08 Dynamic Turn Signal Light LED Side Marker Fender Sequential Indicator Audi a4 b6 led headlights Lamp

audi a4 b6 led headlights best
audi a4 b6 led headlights best

Brand New And High Quality . Listing Includes: 2pcs/set ( Left and Right) . Housing Color: Smoked / Clear (As Picture Show)
Light Color: Yellow. Long lifespan, More Safety, 100% Waterproof
Super easy to install and no modification is necessary, just plug and


The ultimate Audi A4 B6 headlights page

The Audi A4 B6 8E is known as a very solid car, setting the standard for the later A4 B7 8E model as well as for the Seat Exeo. The lighting technology used in this car is however more than 15 years old today.

So are your Audi A4 B6 headlights suffering from bad light output and is it causing unsafe driving conditions for you and your fellow drivers on the road?
We have a solution for you! Check our Audi A4 B6 Retrofit headlight repair kits and improve safety and looks.
For all other Audi’s, please see our headlight database.

These Audi a4 b6 led headlights feature a 2.5-inch H7 projector, which produces an average light beam even when new. In many cases, its light output is further compromised as bulb heat and general ageing causes the reflective layer to peel off. The Mini H1 projector will almost always more than double! the light output compared to the H7 halogen output.

audi a4 b6 led headlights deal
audi a4 b6 led headlights deal

With the help of this picture you can see whether you have the single or bi-xenon version of the Audi A4 B6 headlights.
Top picture is bi-xenon, bottom picture is single xenon.

These headlights feature a 2.5-inch projector, designed in the late 90s, which produce a poor light output. The projectors are known to lose their reflective layer, even to the point where they become black inside.

These headlights came with a D1S/H7 projector headlight by Valeo, featuring one of the worst projector designs ever made. Even when new, these projectors provide a very poor light output, and over time, they often turn entirely black inside, causing dangerously low light output.


These headlights are made by ZKW, and come in 2 flavors: halogen and single xenon.
ZKW H7 halogen. Not really a spectacular projector, the Mini H1 projector will more than double! the light output compared to the H7 halogen output.

ZKW D2S single xenon. ZKW made a huge mistake to produce plastic reflector bowls. These bowls will literally burn so badly that holes may appear. Unacceptable, but it’s fixable with our A4 B6 MH1 convertible kit.

We’ve developed a bracket which fits in both headlights and will definitely improve the light output.

As some of us know, simply changing the incandescent H7 bulb to an LED one is a BAD idea! The lighting power is shockingly bad and it may also throw ‘bulb out’ errors on your car’s DIS.

So, i did my homework to find out how to overcome the 2 issues above.

audi a4 b6 led headlights promotion
audi a4 b6 led headlights promotion

Firstly – You will need an LED conversion kit, not simply the LED replacement bulbs. This consists of and LED bulb, some sort of cooling mechanism and lump in the middle..being the ballast. Very similar to the HID Xenon kit but LED instead. I recommend, buying a kit with at least 3200 Lumens per bulb. This basically means the lighting output of LED technology. If the manufacturer/company you purchased it from are telling the truth, 3200 lumens are good power!

Secondly – Some LED conversion kits claim to be canbus compatible thus not showing an error of a bulb out on the car’s display. The reason this actually happens is LED lighting is generally lower power draw than incandescen bulbs so you can get better lighting output with less draw! At the expense of you DIS thinking that your car has a dead or faulty bulb. So, dont take this chance and simply purchase a H7 load resistor to essentially ‘fool’ the cars canbus system into working perfectly.

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