audi a4 b6 sticker

Audi a4 b6 sticker 4pcs sport racing car rim

Audi a4 b6 sticker

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audi a4 b6 sticker best
audi a4 b6 sticker best

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Material: KK. Product size:13*1.3cm


Engines Audi a4 b6

Audi A4 B6 was offered with a large number of engines with a working volume of 1.6 liters (100 hp) to 3 liters (220 hp) “charged” s-version. Three units received the greatest distribution: gasoline 2.0 l Alt (130 hp), gasoline with turbocharging 1.8 l (150 hp – avj, 163 hp – bfb, 170 hp – AMB (USA) and 190 hp – bex) and diesel 1.9 TDI (100 and 130 hp).

The 2-liter Audi a4 b6 sticker is famous for its exorbitant oil appetite coming after 100 thousand km. Soothes only one thing – the increasing oil consumption is usually no longer growing and on average is 2-3 liters per 10 thousand km.

When running more than 200 – 250 thousand km, the pixels are often started to “swim” on-board computer. The new display costs about 2.5 – 4 thousand rubles, it will take another 1.5 – 2 thousand rubles for its installation. Over time, when running more than 200 thousand km, shrinks and the buzzer of the dashboard. The reason is the dynamics failure.

audi a4 b6 position
audi a4 b6 position

Comfort Audi a4 b6

The Audi a4 b6 sticker air conditioner compressor of constant rotation (continuous action) is in dire need of lubrication of the inner parts. It does not tolerate small amounts, and even more so lack of freon and oil in the system.

When leakage is detected, it is necessary to immediately find the cause and eliminate it, avoiding the operation of the car. The compressor itself is not maintained, and the need for its replacement occurs when there is more than 160 – 220 thousand km. The new compressor costs about 18-25 thousand rubles, and work on its replacement is 7-8 thousand rubles.

Diesel Audi A4 is possible damage to the damper pulley due to increased vibration. The new pulley will cost 6-7 thousand rubles. Over time, it will take a replacement or flushing of the heater radiator. The need for this will come when in the cold time with a fully heated engine in the salon will stop the warm air.

audi a4 b6 deal
audi a4 b6 deal

Electrician Audi a4 b6

Due to the cliff of the wires in the protective corrugation of the electrical wiring between the door and the body ceases to work rear doorAnd in the cabin is constantly lit backlighting. According to a similar reason (the cluster in the corrugation) ceases to work the hint of the trunk. In addition, the backlight of the license plate can go out. With a serviceable electrical wiring, the reason for the malfunction of the electric motors of the lock. New costs about 700 – 800 rubles.

Staten security system It can stop perceive the keys to the car due to the oxidation of the contacts on the comfort unit or the block processor failure.

Conclusion Audi a4 b6

Audi A4 B6 is the last of the Mogican. This is a Audi a4 b6 sticker car that was created to serve its owners dozens of years. Despite a decent age, almost no serious problems arise. Engines serve as faithful and truth, and the body holds “salt baths”. A multitronic variator, suspension and air conditioner compressor look like this background.

Since 2001, serial production of a new body for a car is launched, called Audi A4 B6. The design of the car has changed very much, of course, the features of the past body remained, but still the car has become more like. Eventually new Body It became more spacious that again says that this car is more similar to solid than in the city.

In the new body, Audi decided to take care of the safety of the driver, they made a lot for this. First of all, they took care of the body and the cabin, they made it so that with the accident all the parts of the body and the cabin as little as possible were deformed. Put airbags in front and side. Installed a stabilizer of the course stability and a system that enhances braking during emergency braking.

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