audi a4 b7 led headlights

Audi a4 b7 led headlights halo ring angel devil eyes

Audi a4 b7 led headlights

Audi a4 b7 led headlights Outer Size: 64MM 74MM 84MM 94MM 104MM 114MM 124MM
Inner Size: 48MM 58MM 68MM 78MM 88MM 98MM 108MM

audi a4 b7 led headlights best
audi a4 b7 led headlights best

Without Cover:
Outer Size: 60MM 70MM 80MM 90MM 100MM 110MM 120MM
Inner Size: 50MM 60MM 70MM 80MM 90MM 100MM 110MM
Package: 1Pair Angel Eyes with Lampshades


What should I look for in a used Audi A4 saloon?

The 2.0-litre diesel models can burn oil over time and some owners don’t check the level, relying instead on the oil warning light. This is dangerous, and could cause permanent engine damage. Consult the service book to find out when the oil was last changed, and then check the dipstick to see if it’s low.

The Audi a4 b7 led headlights central locking can fail, and dealers aren’t always able to fix it quickly. Check that all the doors unlock, and that the remote is working correctly. Although generally well built, some A4s have gloveboxes and dashboards that rattle or squeak. A test drive should expose any faults.

Problems changing gear, as well as very stiff clutches, are early signs of a known gearbox problem. During a test drive, ensure you can select every gear easily. Audi has been known to contribute to the cost of repairing some cars out of warranty, so you shouldn’t expect to pay for fixing cars that are less than three years old.

audi a4 b7 led headlights deal
audi a4 b7 led headlights deal

Our recommendations

Go for the 2.0 TDI engine, which is smoother than the 1.9-litre diesel option. You get 138bhp and an average of 47.9mpg. Large diesels comprise 2.5-litre, 2.7-litre and a 3.0-litre V6s

Diesel models have better residual values, but if you want a petrol car the turbo-charged 2.0-litre FSI engine is a sensible choice. Avoid the underpowered 1.6-litre model, but the 1.8 turbo model is worth considering.

The 3.2-litre petrol-engined version is rare and not that exciting, as opposed to the 4.2-litre which produces up to 414bhp, and the rival BMW M3.

The Audi a4 b7 led headlights more powerful versions of the A4 come with four-wheel drive, which noticeably improves traction but lowers fuel economy.

The entry-level trim (unnamed) is poorly equipped, so opt for the mid-level SE with four electric windows and a CD player. The S-line model comes with sportier trim, seats and detailing. An early version of Audi’s Multi-Media Interface (MMI) is a desirable option, and like BMW’s iDrive, lets you control the radio, CD player, ventilation system and sat nav.

audi a4 b7 promotion
audi a4 b7 promotion

With more power, tuned suspension and aggressive bodywork additions, the special-edition A4 DTM is quite a machine. And with limited numbers, it should be a rare sight, too. However, it’s expensive when compared to the 2.0T FSI on which it is based. Buyers who like to stand out will love it – but most people will be better off with the standard version.

The DTM German touring car championship is spectacular stuff. With grids full of 450bhp, slick-shod super-saloons driven by ex-grand prix stars such as Mika Hakkinen and Jean Alesi, it is no wonder the series enjoys a massive global following.

Even in the UK, the formula has its fans, which is why last year’s championship winner, Audi, is launching a special edition to celebrate its success – and Auto Express has driven it first.

Unfortunately, there is no race-bred V8 under the bonnet of the A4 DTM Edition – this car is based on the 2.0-litre turbocharged FSI quattro. Still, careful tuning has pushed power from 197bhp to 217bhp, enough to shave a third-of-a-second off the 0-60mph time, dropping it to 6.9 seconds. Top speed is now 152mph, while hauling the DTM to a stop are new ventilated and cross-drilled front disc brakes.

The Audi a4 b7 led headlights performance is complemented by a muscular bodykit. Up front, there is a restyled bumper with more air intakes and a carbon fibre chin spoiler. Multi-spoke 18-inch alloys replace the standard model’s 16-inch wheels, while a competition-inspired diffuser and larger twin exhaust pipes feature at the rear. The effect is certainly distinctive, but it might be a bit too showy for some.

Inside, the motorsport theme continues, with figure-hugging Recaro seats, a three-spoke steering wheel clad in leather and suede, lashings of silver stitching and carbon fibre trim. The DTM uses the A4’s S line sports suspension pack, but it features unique spring and damper settings. While the ride is stiffer, it is not uncomfortable and the changes combine with the quattro four-wheel-drive system to give plenty of grip.

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