audi a4 b7 tow hook

Audi a4 b7 tow hook cap trailer cover

Audi a4 b7 tow hook

Front Bumper Audi a4 b7 tow hook Cap Trailer Cover 8E0 807 241C for Audi A4 B7 2005-2008 Tow Hook Cover Car Exterior Parts

You can use the tow hook cover to replace your old or damaged car part directly and it can match your original car model perfectly.
With good anti-scratch and anti-corrosion function, the tow hook cover has a long service life for your car.

audi a4 b7 tow hook size
audi a4 b7 tow hook size

Made of superior plastic and metal material, the car front bumper tow hook cover is durable and wear-resistant.
The length of the car tow hook cover is 6.5cm, the width is 5cm, and the height is 2cm. It’s OE number is 8E0 807 241C and it is applicable for Audi A4 B7 2005-2008.


Audi A4 DTM Edition

It was near-as-dammit 15 years ago – April 29th 2005, to be precise – that Audi launched the B7 A4 DTM Edition Saloon. Conceived as a celebration of the manufacturer’s 2004 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters success, the occasion was actually more significant than it seemed to a casual fan.

That’s because, for the 20 years up to that point that the DTM had run in its various forms, Audi had never won both the drivers’ and manufacturers’ titles in one year. A certain H.J. Stuck stands out for his 1990 success, followed by Frank Biela in 1991 and then Laurent Aiello in 2002, but it wasn’t until Mattias Ekstrom’s title year that there was a clean sweep.

So a Audi a4 b7 tow hook celebration was in order for Audi, albeit – of course – a modest one. For £29,980 in 2005, the 250 UK DTM Edition buyers received a 20hp boost to the EA113 2.0-litre turbo, along with an extra 15lb ft to boot. That meant headline figures of 220hp and 221lb ft, which translated into a seven-second sprint to 60mph, and a heady 153mph top speed.

audi a4 b7 tow hook best
audi a4 b7 tow hook best

Quattro was standard, as was a six-speed manual, and all DTMs received a 20mm suspension drop on revised spring and damper settings. Those splendid 15-spoke, 18-inch wheels covered cross-drilled rotors unique to the DTM, saving a bit of unsprung weight. So more changed than you might think.

Cosmetically, an A4 DTM appealed to the keen eye with its carbon front lip and rear spoiler, rear diffuser with red tow hook and larger, 100mm exhaust tips. The interior was treated to some carbon trim and imitation Alcantara, because they’re mandatory in a competition derived special. To most, however, this was just another 2.0-litre A4 saloon charging along the M40 trying to move you aside.

A4 still makes great transport for charging along the M40. Sure, the interior lacks some modern amenities and there’s more road noise than something newer, though it’s far from intolerable. There’s ample overtaking performance, adequate refinement for hours on the road and great visibility from less intrusive A pillars.

audi a4 b7 overview
audi a4 b7 overview

In fact, odd though it might sound when discussing a reasonably humdrum Audi A4, it’s a really pleasant reminder of everything manufacturers and drivers used to have. And why progress doesn’t always feel like a likeable step forward. The dimensions and the visibility make the DTM feel compact and wieldy, where so often now even compact executive saloons can feel large in a lane.

The EA113 Audi a4 b7 tow hook engine has a bit of lag but also a spritely top end and pleasing (if muted) growl, certainly preferable to the EA888’s synthesised nonsense and spookily linear behaviour. The manual gearbox has that slightly hollow feel that characterises the era and the manufacturer – a lot like both S4 and RS4 of this era, basically – but what a joy it is to have one.

Dynamically, it’s alright. Once more the highlight might just be a passive set up, with nothing to configure or adjust (or worry about), even if that feels a churlish criticism nowadays. The suspension revisions mean a certain firmness, even allowing for the past 15 years of all cars getting stiffer, though it also makes for a surprising willingness to change direction and decent body control.

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