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Audi a4 b8 car mats

These Audi a4 b8 car mats custom made vehicle floor mats are totally tailored to fit your Audi A4 B8, and so are suitable for all models from 2008-2015.

Select from 5 different ranges of premium carpet, including Standard, Velour, Luxury, Executive and Prestige Audi A4 B8 vehicle mats, all tailor-made to the highest standards of quality and toughness. You can also choose from a wide range of colour edging trims for that extra touch of style and personality for your vehicle’s interior.

audi a4 b8 car mats deal
audi a4 b8 car mats deal

All our carpet Audi A4 B8 car mats feature a non-invasive granulated backing to guarantee stability underfoot and aid eliminate motion within the footwell. The driver’s mat also comes with a heel pad for additional durability and comfort, and is included on standard and velour grades of carpet.

These Audi A4 B8 custom automobile mats are also available in hard wearing heavy-duty rubber for easy cleanup.

Everything is Audi a4 b8 car mats made to order using our advanced CNC cutting machines and applications which means you can make certain your car mats are made only for you to your preferred specifications. Your order will also include all the required clips and fixings to secure your mats to your existing vehicle fixings.


Audi A4 (2008 – 2015) Review

The Audi A4 of 2008 marked a significant improvement in the weight distribution of the drivetrain of front wheel drive Audi models.

Just as Porsche developed increasingly sophisticated solutions to overcome the fundamental imbalance of an engine overhanging the back wheels, Audi has had to do the same job at the front.

Worst of all were the old iron block five-cylinder Audi 100 diesels that much preferred to go straight on at corners than actually change direction.

Fortunately, for most of us, these are no more than a memory. Audi has continually been getting better at dealing with its disability and had all but disguised the ponderous pendulum effect of its overhanging engines in the final incarnations of the 2005-2008 A4.

audi a4 b8 car mats mode
audi a4 b8 car mats mode

But its big breakthrough came in 2007 with the A5. The engine still sits out in front of the front wheels longitudinally, but, by moving final drive further forward, the weight of engine and transmission is better distributed between the front wheels.

How they do this is to take drive from the back of the gearbox, then run a propshaft forward to a differential that sits on the right hand side of the flywheel, with the left driveshaft running between the engine and the flywheel.

The 2008 A4 shares this new drivetrain, as well as a longer wheelbase than past Audis and much improved front suspension, now 5 link in aluminium, with a steering rack repositioned in front of the engine so steering input is fed more directly to the wheels.

Great looking. Comfortable, with those clever Audi seats that don’t feel quite right when you first sit in them but which you thank when you finally step out of the car without a twinge. It’s also beautifully made, of course, giving the feeling of solid, long-lasting quality. It cruises sweetly in 6th at 30mph per 1,000rpm. And at 480 litres the boot is huge.

Worth noting is that the new 160PS 1.8TFSI engine is held together by a chain rather than a belt. So no need for expensive 4-year belt changes. The only little belter left in the line-up is the 2.0TDI that will later be offered with three different outputs up to around 175PS.

audi a4 b8 car mats promotion
audi a4 b8 car mats promotion

Among the car’s new features Audi offers a system it calls ‘Audi Drive Select’ that, as on the BMW M3, allows you to select ‘comfort’, ‘active’ or ‘dynamic’ roles for the engine, steering and suspension responses, then also lets you custom tailor them to your own package of preferences.

All new Audi a4 b8 car mats also have daytime running LED halo lights that don’t dazzle oncoming motorists or render motorcyclists invisible.

I couldn’t really tell anything much from around 10 miles in the 1.8TFSI Multitronic. Just that it’s uncannily quiet and the only noises felt in the cabin were the thumping of tyres from the occasionally broken road surfaces we were driving on.

I got on a lot better with the 1.8TFSI manual that I took on a short 27 km handling route through the mountains.

It has a sweet enough engine and it turns-in, grips and handles more fluidly than A4 B6s and B7s. You can get plenty of pleasure from driving it, but there’s still a small trace of lumpiness at the front emphasised by a shortage of torque. These aren’t big problems and don’t irritate, but the car isn’t quite as finely balanced as the new Mondeo.

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