audi a4 b8 led fog lights

Audi a4 b8 led fog lights styling daylight fog

Audi a4 b8 led fog lights

Audi a4 b8 led fog lights placement on vehicle: Front Left, Right
Interchange Part Number:8KD80768101C 8KD80768201C

audi a4 b8 led fog lights mode
audi a4 b8 led fog lights mode

Made of high quality ABS plastic and durable. Improve your car’s exterior styling, bring a new look. Fog light bezel cover with LED daytime running light function, fog lights are not included.
Professional installation is highly recommended. No instruction included.


2020 Audi A4 review – International first drive

The “new look” Audi A4 range has launched in Europe prior to its arrival in Oz in the first half of next year, three-and-a-half years into this ninth generation’s lifecycle that saw a “90 per cent new” revamp back in 2016.

On one hand, it’s more than a simple facelift. Sure, there’s some Audi a4 b8 led fog lights fiddling in powertrains and, predictably, a trickle-down of some in-cabin tech from further up the Audi tree. But to complement the expected nose and tail remodelling, Ingolstadt decided to go ahead and remodel the rest of the metallic skin, too.

No, we’re nowhere near ‘new model’ territory, but the extent of appearance enhancements show that Audi is mustard keen to keep its big-selling A4 – together with S4 and Allroad permutations – competitive in what’s already a ferociously competitive segment. Archrival BMW’s recently remade 3 Series has proven on home soil to be the current critical benchmark. Meanwhile, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, itself the recipient of a techy cabin touch-up late-2018, currently outsells 3 Series two to one… and A4 four to one. Back home, at least, this spruce-up is indeed timely.

audi a4 b8 led fog lights details
audi a4 b8 led fog lights details

Audi brought A4 sedans, Avant wagons, Euro-oiler S4s and Allroads to its launch program at Bolzano in the Italian Alps. And while none are strikingly different to their forebears in the flesh at 50 paces, there’s devil in the detail bringing a certain freshness across the range.

Designers call it “quattro genes,” with “almost” every sheet metal surface altered. So the sides have been treated to a lower-set shoulder line, and chiseled horizontal strakes across subtly pumped guards to complement the bluffer nose and wider-look tail. It apes upscale stablemates such as the new A6, which is no bad thing.

As a result, Audi a4 b8 led fog lights grown in size, with sedans and Avant wagons widened by five millimetres to go with a 24mm-stretch in length, though carryover structures maintain the same height and wheelbase as their predecessors. Aside from the slick new headlight and taillight designs, there’s more ‘line’ styling differentiation in a three tier system: Basic (as the name suggests), fancier Advanced (with graduated silver and dark chrome accents); and old favourite S Line (which favours chrome highlights).

On the global menu, at least, these can be freely matched to three cabin themes: Basic, S Line and Design Selection. Add 12 different body colours, including new Terra Grey, plus three different headlight and taillight designs and you sense Audi is introducing more diversity and distinction to the A4 range.

Audi reckons the cabin’s had a fair overhaul though, much like the exterior, the newness is detailed in light touches and it feels certifiably familiar. Our test cars plumbed some richer (and optional) choices of colour and texture to drag them out of typical ‘business grey’ boredom, but there’s certainly a sense of gentle evolution without really pushing the game upmarket from the existing A4.

audi a4 b8 led fog lights best
audi a4 b8 led fog lights best

The headlining change is the MMI Touch infotainment format and foregoing a console controller for a purely touchscreen approach is an interesting departure. The “touch experience like that of a smartphone,” as its maker put it, will warm to some buyers favouring minimalism. And the simplified yet clearly more powerful operating system is real boon of improved usability… to a point.

The flipside is that console controllers of any design, good or bad, have been perceived as up-scaling from a mainstream to a premium experience. Removing a handy dial and shortcut buttons – a combination easy to use with averted eyes – and replacing it with an attention-robbing touchscreen interface will, in some eyes, seem like a downgrade.

Further, you don’t get the nice, glassy, haptic secondary control screen like you do in Audi’s bigger limos, and the screen you do get sprouts conspicuously from the dash fascia with little regard for integration.

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