audi a4 b8 led rear lights

Audi a4 b8 led rear lights number license plate

Audi a4 b8 led rear lights

This Audi a4 b8 led rear lights bulb is to replace OEM bulb with part number: 8T0943021, 4G0943021, 5N0943021, 3AF943021, 3AF943021A, 1K9943021A, 1K9943127A. For your further reference, our bulb size is Length 73mm x Width 32mm

audi a4 b8 led rear lights best
audi a4 b8 led rear lights best

Designed for upgrading OEM yellowish license plate light. Built-in load resistors to avoid OBC error. Low power consumption but high lumen output. 3-SMD 2835 high power LED for maximum visibility


Salon Audi A4 B8

An Audi a4 b8 led rear lights overview of the cabin was immediately reminded of the premium brand. It is here emphasized high-quality materials, covering, resistant to wear, accurate fit of parts, excellent noise isolation and, of course, rich equipment, even in the starter edition. This luxury holiday successfully entered the drivers ‘ elements – deployed toward the driver center console, seats with excellent lateral support, vertical shooter zero the speedometer and tachometer. Now let’s take a closer look at the cabin «Audi A4 B8”, a photo that looks very attractive.

The Upholstered chairs in the center running from the grey Alcantara and the sides in black leather. It’s a great combination that allows a comfortable ride in the winter and summer. Heated seats and a wide range of adjustments will help you stay as convenient as possible. Another nice detail – a retractable support under the knees. Under both front seats there are small boxes, which is very convenient, especially in a long journey.

audi a4 b8 led rear lights new
audi a4 b8 led rear lights new

Between the rear seats is a wide armrest, which is a compartment for small first aid kits and retractable Cup holders. Front Cup holders too, and they are located right in the centre tunnel. Surprised by the fact that most of them (all two of them) in width easily places itself in a 1.5-litre bottle. Not all cars can meet.

The Interior is so well lit that at night you can easily read it in a book. Upper bulbs front and rear, lights feet, lights of the Central tunnel, ducts and handles of opening of doors – all designed for maximum comfort.

On the steering wheel are buttons that control music, phone via Bluetooth and navigation system (optional). Steering wheel covered with leather and has anatomical relief. Paddle shifters remind us that the car is designed for sporty driving. In addition to the standard instrument panel is a color screen, which displays the data of the onboard computer and musical system.

The Basic 6.5-inch monitor, which is emblazoned on the center console, displays various settings of the car, starting with a multimedia system up to the level of oil in the engine. In addition to signals, sensors, displays image that displays the distance to the obstacle.

This feature is very useful, since the dimensions of the car many motorists haveget used to it. The side mirrors give a good review, and salon mirror, therefore, the train is on the “German” a couple of weeks, you can forget about sensors. By the way, salon mirror has a sensor samosatene, which, if necessary, easily turned off.

Multimedia Audi a4 b8 led rear lights system car kit Audi Symphony, which has a 6-channel amplifier, ten speakers and a subwoofer. The power of the audio system is 180 watts. At any level of volume the speakers give good quality sound without any extraneous sounds. Radio plays audio from CDs and SD cards. The speaker volume is automatically changed with the change of the noise level of the motor, which provides additional comfort.

audi a4 b8 led rear lights special
audi a4 b8 led rear lights special

“Audi A4 B8″ of the technical features which today deserve high praise, boasts an abundance of electronic assistants. We should also mention the system “Start/Stop”, created with the goal of saving fuel and caring about the environment.

The system works very simply: if, after stopping to press the brake pedal harder, the car stalls, while all the other operating systems remain enabled. As soon as the driver’s foot releases the brake, the machine is lightning fast start. If not look at the tachometer, you may not even notice how turned on the motor because of vibration from it is minimized.

The wheelbase “Audi A4 B8″ strongly outperforms the competition, so rear-seat passengers to sit quite comfortably. Only here one who is situated in the middle, a little will prevent the massive tunnel and a protruding box. Operation as the owners were detected some problems in the cabin «Audi A4 B8”. Reviews show that over time, the rear shelf is starting to creak, and Windows – beeping. The first problem is solved by additional insulation shelves, and the second – greasing of the guides of the glass.

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