audi a4 b8 radio

Audi a4 b8 radio carplay android auto mirroring

Audi a4 b8 radio

Audi a4 b8 radio real-time Navigation,Online Music Listening
Supports Aftermarket Camera
Supports Mirror-Linking

audi a4 b8 radio new
audi a4 b8 radio new

Siri Voice Control
Hands free calling
Enjoy offline videos & music with USB Flash
Watch HD Videos Online with Airplay/Android Mirror-linking


Audi A4 new review

The Audi A4 is to modern-day business transport what the Ford Cortina was back in the 1970s. Basically, if your daily attire involves a shirt and tie, the Audi A4 is likely to be quite high on your shopping list, doubtless alongside rivals such as the BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class. This is thanks – in part – to its sharp style, classy interior and economical petrol and diesel engines.

The Audi A4 has a few sporty styling tweaks to help it stand out from these cars, however, so has plenty of aggressive intakes, sharply creased lines and – depending on which model you pick – some seriously bright Matrix LED headlights. If the old A4 was frowning, this new one is clenching its teeth and staring right through you.

Inside, the Audi a4 b8 radio changes aren’t quite so in-your-face, but you do get a whopping-great 10-inch infotainment display as standard with all the navigation and smartphone-mirroring mod-cons you could ask for.

It isn’t just the Audi’s touchscreen that you’ll find yourself pawing at regularly – almost all of the A4’s materials feel lovely and plush, too. It’s just a shame that electric seat adjustment is reserved for top-spec cars.

audi a4 b8 radio promotion
audi a4 b8 radio promotion

Despite this, you won’t have any trouble getting comfy in the Audi A4’s spacious cabin and there’s very nearly as much room in the back for passengers as in the BMW 3 Series. The boot’s a doddle to load too, and there’s plenty of space in the boot for a few large suitcases.

All of the Audi A4’s seven – yes, seven – engines will happily cart you and a fair amount of heavy luggage around, but for long motorway slogs you’ll want to pick a 2.0-litre diesel engine. There’s also a faster Audi S4 diesel model that’ll lap up cross-continental road trips without breaking a sweat and a selection of petrol engines that’ll be better if you do plenty of town driving.

Whichever engine you go for, you’ll find the Audi A4 is comfortable to drive – even over fairly broken road surfaces – and cruises along quietly at speed. Its automatic gearbox is easy to use (if a little jerky when parking) and you can get plenty of driver-assistance features to take the edge off long stints behind the wheel.

audi a4 b8 radio quality
audi a4 b8 radio quality

What the Audi A4 doesn’t do so well, however, is put a Audi a4 b8 radio great big grin on your face on a twisting ribbon of country road. Sure, there’s plenty of grip – especially in quattro four-wheel-drive models – but it doesn’t feel as agile or as keen to dive from one corner to the next as an Alfa Romeo Giulia or BMW 3 Series.

This is only a small niggle, however, and certainly shouldn’t put you off considering the Audi A4 as your next new car. Read on for more information in our detailed interior, practicality and driving review sections or head over to our Audi A4 deals page to see how much you can save on a new car.

Audi A4 exterior design

The Audi A4 is a handsome saloon car featuring sharp-looking headlights, a large grille and attractive bodywork details such as the creased bonnet. The Audi S4 and RS4 are more dramatic, but there’s still a huge variety when it comes to the different trim levels you can choose with the standard A4, from Technik to Vorsprung.

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