audi a4 b9 exhaust tips deal

Audi a4 b9 exhaust tips throat modified car

Audi a4 b9 exhaust tips

Four Audi a4 b9 exhaust tips tail throat stickers Material: Stainless steel Color: silver, black Number of pieces: 2PCS
Installation method: adhesive tape

Precautions: Please check the product first after receiving the goods, whether it is damaged by the logistics, whether the product is complete, if there is any problem, please remember to contact us first.

audi a4 b9 exhaust tips new
audi a4 b9 exhaust tips new

Installation Notes:
One: adhesive adhesive products, when installing, please compare the product with the car to see if the product size is suitable. Second: After confirming that there is no problem with the size, clean the surface of the car and make sure that there is no dust or oil on the surface.
Three: The tape on the back of the product is recommended to be heated by a heat gun or a lighter. The purpose of this is to enhance the viscosity of the adhesive and make the product more secure. Four: After the installation is completed, please note that you should not wash the car within 72 hours


Long-term test review: Audi A4 saloon

We Brits love a premium badge. In fact, we rarely buy a mid-sized saloon without one. It’s cars such as the Audi A4 that saw off similarly dimensioned saloons and hatches like the Renault Laguna, and have stolen buyers away from the Ford Mondeo and Peugeot 508.

One reason is we love to own something a little more upmarket than our peers. It’s the one-upmanship in the railway station car park or golf club. We still love ‘premium’ – even if low interest rates mean models such as the A4 are tantalisingly obtainable via PCP deals. At the moment, it’s possible to park an A4 on your drive for a mere £319 a month with a £5,000 deposit, or £299 a month on a contract hire deal. Premium cars at attainable prices.

If Audi a4 b9 exhaust tips ever a car encapsulated ‘premium’ design, it’s the A4. It looks wide from the front, long and sleek from the rear, and has strong LED graphics in the tail-lights. It’s the same inside. For the past couple of decades, Audi has led the field in cabin fit and finish. The latest car adds beautiful switches into the mix. Its ventilation controls require the lightest of touches to present options on the screen above, and a slightly firmer press to activate the function. The nicest controls fitted to a car today? Quite possibly.

audi a4 b9 exhaust tips setup
audi a4 b9 exhaust tips setup

I’m a Virtual Cockpit convert. The more I’ve used it, the easier and more logical it gets. Why wouldn’t you put your nav in a more natural place and use a larger screen?

The seats are comfortable and visibility is superb, making for an excellent long-distance cruiser – and that’s exactly how a car such as this should excel. It’s aided by the £600 optional adaptive sports suspension with damping control, which works with Drive Select to firm or soften the ride.

audi a4 b9 exhaust tips
audi a4 b9 exhaust tips

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Perhaps the Audi a4 b9 exhaust tips biggest risk when we ordered our A4 was choosing petrol over diesel. The latter is almost the default choice in such cars, yet our 2.0-litre TFSI is exceptionally quiet and smooth. It lacks a diesel’s sudden surge of torque, but above 4,000rpm there’s plenty of urge. Would I choose it again? Possibly, although average economy of 32.3mpg certainly clips its appeal.

Now my time with the Audi is over, I can confidently say the A4 is very good –but not quite perfect. The low roof proved a niggle when lifting my daughter into the rear, and while the boot is big, it’s not as practical as in a large hatch. Finally, the Pre-Sense auto braking was sometimes over-eager, jamming the brakes on unnecessarily, and causing other cars to take avoiding action.

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