audi a4 b9 fog lights

Audi a4 b9 fog lights 6000K white day running

Audi a4 b9 fog lights

Audi a4 b9 fog lights new SEALIGHT 9006/HB4 H10 H11 LED Fog Light 6000K White Day Running Light 9145 H8 H9 H16 LED Light Auto Fog Lamp For BMW VW Benz Audi

SEALIGHT H11 , H10, 9006(HB4) LED fog light bulb have high power 6CPS LED chips to enhance visibility in front of a vehicle, and cut down on glare in very poor visibility

audi a4 b9 fog lights deal
audi a4 b9 fog lights deal

Built-in intelligent IC driver and aviation aluminum material for best cooling and longer lifespan

There are a sharp cut off at the top of the beam to prevent the light going into oncoming vehicles on the freeway, and project a wide light under the rain/fog/snow

Plug and Play, 1:1 halogen’s design, non-polarity, easy installation, fanless, used for improving the stock halogen cars


Audi a4 b9 review

Regular headlamps will reflect off the fog, snow, or dust particles in the air and will not let you see the road ahead. This situation is extremely dangerous, specially when driving at night. For these circumstances, fog lamps are our best choice. Fog lamps are specially designed to go through water particles such as snow, fog or rain, allowing us to see the downroad more clearle and to be seen by other vehicles even under heavy rain or snow.

Pack Audi a4 b9 fog lights bulbs for fog lights led Audi A4 B9 avant (2015 – present) high quality and brand ZesfOr. Without a doubt, a few bulbs that will not disappoint. Price per couple and pure white color. Serve to replace the bulbs fog lamp yellow by these LED white of the prestigious brand ZesfOr. Thanks to these lights, we improved safety in environments of low visibility.

Important note: If our headlamps have bulb fog with reference to H1 or H3, then we have to install one of our kits, conversion to led bulbs. We recommend the economic as for the fog lamps is enough and it is very good. You can see them on our website in the section led lighting, antinieblas led.

audi a4 b9 fog lights new
audi a4 b9 fog lights new

If our car has a sensor bulb is burnt out don’t worry, install the canceladores that you get with this kit, fog lamp led. If you do not have sensor bulb is burnt out it is not necessary to put them. When you install the canceladores keep in mind that these are very hot so that the metal can not be touching a plastic as this may damage it. Therefore, it is advisable to anchor them to any sheet or leave them in the air.

Without a doubt, these bulbs are the most powerful available on the market and are a very wise choice. Increase security and improve the aesthetics of the vehicle.

EXPLANATORY NOTE REGARDING THE USE OF the FOG lamps AND LED LIGHTS CROSSING OR ROAD: when you buy a kit, fog lamp led, Audi A4 B9 avant (2015 – present) it is very common to think that we also serve these bulbs for dipped beam or road, but not. The led bulbs for the fog lamps are very different from those led bulbs for dipped beam.

audi a4 b9 fog lights size
audi a4 b9 fog lights size

The Audi a4 b9 fog lights lamp led, unlike the halogen, with a focus on light by opening as much as possible and trying not to project the light more than 10 meters. Therefore, if you do a test install a few bulbs fog led light crossing we see that if we look at it from inside the car we don’t see anything but if we get out of the car and we walk away we see a lot of distance and with a lot of intensity.

We remind you that we have a technical team that will clarify any doubts you may have about the lighthouses of fog.

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