audi a4 b9 interior lighting

Audi a4 b9 interior lighting door footwell

Audi a4 b9 interior lighting

Audi a4 b9 interior lighting led Interior Door Footwell Luggage Light For Audi A2 A3 S3 A4 B5 B6 B7 B8 A5 S5 A6 C5 C6 A7 A8 RS4 RS6 R8 TT TTS

audi a4 b9 interior lighting deal
audi a4 b9 interior lighting deal

This car seat foot nest light assembly, comes with CANBUS decoding function, without modification of the original car line, direct removal of the original car lamps, and then install the product can plug and play, non-destructive installation, simple and convenient .

Suitable for Audi A3 A4 A6 A8 Q7 Q5 RS4 and for VW/Skoda
Easy to use, Low Power Consumption


Premium Plus Ambient Lighting and Led Headlights

The Audi a4 b9 interior lighting premium and premium plus have basic ambient lighting options as compared to the prestige model. Basically you can not pick colors in the lower trims. You can however adjust individual brightness in certain areas. I still think the basic ambient lighting looks really nice. I have the premium plus model and figured this might be helpful for people who haven’t picked a trim yet. I also posted a video showing the led headlights. Integrated weather/fog lights are interesting but haven’t had a chance to test them out yet.

From what I have read the premium/premium plus models use different hardware. Simply updating the coding will most likely not give you the ability to change colors. There was a post on here regarding that but you would have to search for it.

audi a4 b9 interior lighting mode
audi a4 b9 interior lighting mode

Just got in a new 2018 Daytona Grey S4, was messing around with the settings and found out there was no way to change the interior LED lighting color, only the brightness of the white LED. I am assuming there is no way to magically get the lights to change colors, so wondering what my options are for aftermarket stuff. I’m thinking of some sort of transparent colored tape to put on the LEDs that are in the door and under the center console/cupholders. Has anyone tried something like this?

You can only change the color if your car has the Prestige Package. I am guessing that your car does not have it (you would have the heads up display in the windshield if it does) and that is why you do not see the option in the vehicle settings to change the color.

For non-prestige models (like mine), the manual states that it changes given the driving mode you’re in. It’s not the 30-color option of the prestige model, but I think if you’re in dynamic it turns red from white.

Give that a try. Also, in your manual go to the index and search ambient lighting and that page will outline it for you.

The Audi a4 b9 interior lighting color scheme can be mapped to Audi Drive Select. My assumption is that in Dynamic mode, Sport red is the color du jour.

I have found no option for 30 colors — where is that to be found (assuming there are 30 choices, that is)?

There is a choice, as I recall, which is called “impulse” — it does NOT “pulse” with the audio (music does NOT make the colors change or glow with varying intensities).

audi a4 b9 interior lighting new
audi a4 b9 interior lighting new

I set mine first to blue — now I have it set to red to match the stitching on the floor mats and steering wheel. There is still a white light “bar” above the in-door speaker.

The coolest thing (for me, your mileage may vary) is the Audi Beam Rings — open the door (in anything other than brilliant sunlight) and the “puddle lights” project the four intertwined Audi Rings on the ground or floor.

Very cool.

If you care about the beam rings, they are now available from the parts department. You can also get, instead of rings, the beam to project “quattro.”

Also very cool.

It’s always the little things that bring a smile to owner’s faces. . . You may not care for such “cosmetic” touches, but there is probably something that impresses the stuffing out of you.

Another [little] thing, the front seat bolster “deflates” upon exit and re-inflates when you get back into the car (the concept is to make ingress and egress easier AND to reduce “scrub wear” on the bolsters.)

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