audi a5 led door sill

Audi a5 led door sill scuff plate threshold pedal

Audi a5 led door sill

For Audi a5 led door sill C7 C8 A7 Q3 Q5 Q7 TT Dynamic Led Door Sill Scuff Plate Threshold Pedal Door Lights Car Sticker

audi a5 led door sill deal
audi a5 led door sill deal

Type: Other 3D Sticker
Category: 3D
Design: Color Change
Material Type: Artificial Crystal


Custom Audi LED door sills

So this is a mod that i have been planning for a while but getting a good quality part proved difficult.

I managed to find a good supplier so i have bought in a couple to test out the quality and have fitted it to my own car. I am very pleased with how it looks so I am now offering these door sills to you guys for £200 fitted or £170 delivered.

Stylish Upgrade Audi a5 led door sill .
Our Audi LED Door Sills provide good lighting guidelines for entering your car. When you open the door, the door sill pan lights up and displays the vehicle’s name and logo. It helps to get in and out of the car more easily in dark areas. They close automatically when the door is closed. Bring a new, elegant look to your car.

audi a5 led door sill new
audi a5 led door sill new

High Quality Requirements.
Made of Japanese Acrylic and high brightness LED, waterproof, anti-corrosion and scratch resistant. It will only light up when the door is opened, saving energy and electricity. The LED door sills’ light is even and soft, making the car more fashionable and gorgeous.

Protection Of Car’s Audi a5 led door sill .
If you are looking to cover up the scuffs and scratches of your car, these LED door sill entry guards will serve you and your car well.

Colorful (RF Remote Control):
Light Colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, Orange
Solid Color Modes
Constant Light Mode
3 Colors Jump Mode
7 Colors Jump Mode
3 Colors Breath Mode
7 Colors Switch-over Mode
4 Music Sensor Modes
Colorful (RF&APP Remote Control):
Light Colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, Orange
(It can be adjusted to other colors through the remote control and the color wheel in the mobile app.)
Light Mode: Constant light mode, flashing mode, breathing mode, gradient mode, music mode, etc.

audi a5 led door sill red color
audi a5 led door sill red color

(The combination of light colors and mode can be customized. The combinations up to thousands.)
Note: The mobile APP is remotely controlled through Bluetooth matching. Scan the QR code on the signal receiving box on the cable to enter the web page and select the app version suitable for your mobile phone to download.

Installation Step:
Step 1. Test if the led door sill is working properly.
Step 2. Sure the position of the installation and clean to make it dry.

Step 3. Connect the positive and negative wires to the power supply of the door switch sensor. (red wire connects to the positive and black wire connects to the negative.)
Step 4.Tear off the 3M tape on the back of the door sill pedal, and attach the door sill pedal to the install location.
Step 5. Tidy up the wires and the installation is complete.

Installation Attention:

  1. AoonuAuto LED Door Sills are not the OEM part (not factory door sill). We just customize more car accessories for your vehicle to let it more attractive.
  2. Different models have different shape and size of door sill, so as their installation methods. For some models, the factory door sill can be directly covered by the LED door sill panels, while other models might need to disassemble the factory door sill and replace it with LED door sill pedals.
  3. The acrylic door sill pedals couldn’t cover the curved area of the door steps.
  4. Hard-wiring, hands-on capability required.

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