audi a5 mmi screen view

Audi a5 mmi screen wireless android carPlay auto retrofit

Audi a5 mmi screen

Audi a5 mmi screen compatible with Wireles/Wired for CarPlay funtion.
Compatible with wireless/Wired Android auto funtion.
Compatible with VGA, 360 camera input.

audi a5 mmi screen
audi a5 mmi screen

Compatible with mobile phone wireless projection technology (air play/Mirroring)
Supports high quality sound quality, EQ adjustment.
Support front camera, rear camera/for radar/ tracking screen input.

Functions: For Carplay, air play, android auto, mirrorlink, usb disk play, Back camera/front camera(Reversing image/parking sensor), Compatible with original and aftermarket camera input. Support for radar date(Dynamic guidance lines are supported).
Connection method: Wireless connection for iPhone, Wired Android auto of Android phones; USB connection is both for iPhone and Android Phone.


Audi virtual cockpit

The Audi a5 mmi screen virtual cockpit is a fully digital instrument cluster with a 12.3-inch TFT screen. Depending on the model it has a resolution of 1,440 x 540 pixels or a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 720 pixels. Its display graphics are exceptionally sharp and highly detailed.

The display shows a wide range of information clearly and in neat, sharp, highly detailed graphics. It includes traditional speed and rpm figures as well as information on navigation, media and driver assistance systems. Fixed indicators are shown along the lower edge; they show the outside temperature, time and odometer readings as well as warning and information symbols. The image is refreshed 60 times per second so that the virtual needle of the rev counter tracks smoothly and very precisely.

The driver can use the View button on the multifunction steering wheel to switch the Audi virtual cockpit between two views: While the tachometer and speedometer are displayed as large dial-type gages in driving mode, a central window dominates in infotainment mode.

audi a5 mmi screen new
audi a5 mmi screen new

It creates a large stage for the navigation map or for lists in the phone, radio and audio areas. In this case, the tachometer and speedometer are displayed as small dial instruments. In the S and RS models, both views specifically feature red graphic details. A performance layout where the central focus is the tachometer, displayed as a square graph, and the performance and torque are shown as percentages can also be selected in the MMI.

The Audi virtual cockpit plus has two further views that the driver can set in the MMI. In addition to the Sport layout – as per the view in the S models – there is a display graphic with a particularly dynamic design: The RPM and speed are shown here as bar diagrams with angular red graphical elements.

Free text search / MMI search

Audi a5 mmi screen search is available for all basic menus, and like a search engine it is based on free text entry. It generally responds to searches after just a few letters have been input, taking into consideration the car’s current location.

When searching for a place to eat, for instance, simply enter the name of the restaurant and the first letters of the city, and a list of hits appears together with the addresses – this works throughout Europe. Searching for tracks, albums and radio stations also works this way. Partly the MMI search integrates also intelligent functions.

audi a5 mmi screen connect
audi a5 mmi screen connect

When looking for a restaurant, for instance, the list of hits also includes Yelp ratings, provided that there is an internet connection. In addition, sorting can be performed according to various criteria. Fuel prices are listed for filling stations. Alternatively there is the option of a Google search.

The Audi a5 mmi screen head-up display projects information relevant to the driver as symbols and numbers that can be quickly perceived within the driver’s direct field of view, including navigation and warning messages and data from assistance systems. The human eye perceives the information extremely quickly – and there’s no need for drivers to refocus from their accustomed long-range view.

Audi offers two different systems. In the A4, Q5 and higher model series, the image is projected onto the windshield. The information appears to hover around two meters (6.6 ft) in front of the driver within a visual window measuring 200 x 80 mm (7.9 x 3.1 in). A TFT monitor with white LED backlighting generates the color image.

Two aspherical mirrors magnify and redirect the image. The mirrors also compensate for any distortions due to the curvature of the windshield. The driver can use the Audi MMI to specify which information should be shown in the head-up display; the height and brightness can also be adjusted here.

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