audi a6 4f mmi 2g

Audi a6 4f mmi 2g android auto module box

Audi a6 4f mmi 2g

Audi a6 4f mmi 2g new Non-destructive installation, work with factory screen and factory head unit, no need extra coding, not affect the original car warranty.

Works for both wireless and wired Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
5.8GHz wireless technology, more stable wireless connection. pairing via Bluetooth, transfer via WIFI

audi a6 4f mmi 2g deal
audi a6 4f mmi 2g deal

Full CarPlay functional for iPhone 5 or later.
Use your favorite phone apps for GPS navigation, Google maps, Waze and Apple maps are all available, live traffic information.

Allows hands free calling and messaging via Siri
Supports Siri voice control
Aftermarket front/rear/360 camera input. (Dynamic guidance lines are supported)

Audi a6 4f mmi 2g Play music from your favorite phone apps, sounds comes out from your MMI factory stereo system via AUX External, Lossless
sound quality.


Audi MMI models: the features, the differences and how to find your model

MMI or Multi-Media Interface has been Audi’s in-house infotainment system for about two decades. Featured in all Audi’s today, the MMI models has been through years of evolution.

From the first MMI 2G Low/Basic to the latest MMI MIB gen 3, there have been significant improvements in Audi MMI models.

This has not only helped them to keep up with the competition, but a smarter, more, advanced MMI system means improved user experience and high customer satisfaction.

While a newer MMI system is a boon for new buyers, it creates a lot of complications for old Audi owners who are either looking for upgrades or simply want to troubleshoot, as the abundance of MMI versions not only makes it harder to identify but also makes it difficult to find the right upgrades.

In this article you will learn everything about MMI models, different available models, their functions, and how to identify and upgrade them.

audi a6 4f mmi 2g mode
audi a6 4f mmi 2g mode

What is the MMI for Audi ?

The Audi MMI system is a single-integrated interface just like BMW’s iDrive or Mercedes MBUX. Such interfaces, by using MOST technology, make the connection between various systems and allow control over multiple devices and functions inside cars.

In other words, the Audi Multimedia Interface is the center console that gives you control over all of your car’s functionality.

From Audi a6 4f mmi 2g basic radio to climate control and sat-nav, depending on your MMI model you can control all that, either from the center dial or the touchscreen display(if it is supported).

The most highlighted feature of the MMI system is also the central screen and the control dial on the center console with 4 different multi-purpose switches. This also serves as a differentiating factor between an MMI and a non-MMI console.

While MMI today is used in all Audi models, the first car to feature MMI was Audi A8 D3 in 2002. From there on, different Audi cars have featured different MMI models.

audi a6 4f mmi 2g new
audi a6 4f mmi 2g new

Depending on the specs, we currently have 10 different models of the MMI system excluding the latest MMI MIB 3.

As mentioned before, the Audi MMI 2G was the very first MMI model released by Audi. Precisely known as the MMI 2G Low/basic, this model was an upgrade from Audi’s basic infotainment system.

Later on, Audi upgraded the basic to MMI 2G high which came with a 6.5 inch TFT color display, Sirius/HD radio/FM/AM/DAB, MP3 CD player, iPod support with MDI, Aux-In, USB, etc.

The MMI 2G was used till 2011 in several Audi A-series, Q-series, and R series. Cars that featured MMI 2G were the Audi A4(2009-10), Audi A5 (2008-09), Audi A6 (2005-09), Audi A8 (2002-11), Audi Q7(2007-09), and the RS6(2008-2011).

The Audi MMI 3G was the next-gen MMI that offered the same level of functionalities as MMI 2G High but faster and with a better/updated user interface.
The MMI 3G also came in various models such as the MMI 3G Basic(DVD Rom), MMI 3G/3G+ (HD), MMI High 3G, and MMI 3G+(connect).

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