AZDOME m11Dash Cam FHD 1080p 3 inch 2.5D IPS

AZDOME M11 3 inch Dashcam Car DVR Camera Loop recording dash Cam

AZDOME M11 3 inch Dashcam

The term “Dashcam” is now known as a relatively large number of searches. Equipping your car with a current dashcam is also considered an indispensable need. The camera market is extremely diverse with a lot of models, types, designs, sizes coming from many different brands. Choosing a quality and cost-effective product is not easy.

This article, would like to introduce to readers an AZDOME M11 3-inch Dashcam.

AZDOME m11Dash Cam
AZDOME m11Dash Cam

Features: AZDOME M11 3 inch Dashcam

AZDOME-M11 adopt 6G all-glass plus IR filter lens, 2MP 1/3 high sensitivity CMOS sensor and noise reduction processor to promote image processing ability for brighter and clearer image.Innovative H.264 image processing Lowering the system load to ensure technology provides the most fluenthigh definition video.

AZDOME M11 Dash Cam FHD 1080p
AZDOME M11 Dash Cam FHD 1080p

2.5D Curved Glass IPS Screen

-Better Color Reproduction

-Wide Viewing Angel

-Better Sunlight Visibility

-Longer Lifespan


F2.0 Large Aperture,Clear Effect

Clearer videos and photos, 6-piece spherical lens set

Ninght Vision

With the Revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology, the car dash cam can capture clearer videos and photos even in low-light night conditions. F/2.0 Largest Aperture Available + 6-Glass Wide Angle Lens with Proprietary Focal Length of the lens gives you more clear smaller details.




With loop recording enabled, users will have the option to record videos in loops of 3 / 5 / 10 minute video files, and record it on the TF card until the space is exhausted. Then, the oldest file will be automatically overwritten. But, corresponding to gravity sensing, motion detection, parking monitoring or emergency files can not be automatically overwritten.

Parking Monitor

24-Hours Parking Monitor works on an internal battery. If someone hits your car and impact reaches the G-Sensor Level, then the camera will turn ON and record 1-min video, then LOCKS IT & SAVES IT…


The Built-In G-Sensor gets activated by sudden collision and locks the current video file as an important evidence for further investigation. G-Sensor also records the 3-Axis impact data on a X-Y-Z Axis graph, so you can see and prove when and where you hit that pot hole on the road or where exactly the impact occurred on the google maps.

Reverse Image

Shows a distance closer than the actual distance. Rear View Camera (Optional)

Specifications: AZDOME M11 Dash Cam FHD

-Power: Cigar Lighter Socket 5V/1.5A

-Lens: 6-piece spherical lens set, F2.0 aperture, UV filter, 170°FOV

-Processor: Generalplus 6248

-Image Sensor: Full HD sensor SC2363P, 1/3 inch CMOS, 3um pixels, ISO sensitivity 4.0 v/lux-sec

-Display: 3.0-inch IPS LCD (2.5D) 16:9/640*360

Battery: 250mAh built-in polymer lithium battery with high thermo-stability

Power Cable: 3.5m, polycarbonate

Power Spec.: DC 5V/1.5A, mini USB

Coding: H.264, MOV

-Video Resolution: 1080FHD(1920 * 1080 30FPS) / 720P(1280 * 720 30FPS)

-G-sensor: Triaxial Acceleration Sensor (DA380)

-Storage: TF (Micro SD) card, 8~64GB, Class 10 or upper is recommended, not included

-Parking Monitor: Support

-Motion Detection: Support

-Audio: Built-in noise-canceling microphone, high-power built-in speaker

-Language: English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean , Chinese

AZDOME m11Dash Cam FHD 1080p 3 inch 2.5D IPS
AZDOME m11Dash Cam FHD 1080p 3 inch 2.5D IPS


-Battery is mainly used to save files in emergency. Please always connect Dash Cam to external power while it is in use.

-Be sure to format your TF card with your Dash Cam for optimal use. Failing to format TF card may result in card error.

-Requires 8 – 64 GB Class 10 or above micro SD card, NOT INCLUDED. We recommend Kingston /Samsung /SanDisk card. Avoid fake memory card.

-If no operation is detected after 1 minute, the device will enter screensaver mode. Press any button will reactivate the screen. If you don’t need this function, you can close the backlight setting.

Where to buy AZDOME M11 3 inch Dashcam?

If you really want to equip your car with a 3-inch AZDOME M11 Dashcam with the features mentioned above, then you need to look for reputable facilities, quality assurance. as well as the warranty. Hopefully, with the information we share, please refer to this product at

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