Bmw f30 hidden dash cam

Bmw f30 hidden dash cam dual lens rear camera

Bmw f30 hidden dash cam Jabriel Auto Hidden Car camera Wifi 24-Hour Paking monitoring car recorder Full HD 1080P dvr Registrator Driving dash cam Rear View camera dual lens video recorder camera for 2006-2019 BMW 1 Series , 2006-2019 BMW 3 Series, 2006-2019 BMW 5 Series, 2006-2019 BMW 7 Series, 2006-2019 BMW X1, 2006-2019 BMW X3,2006-2019 BMW X4, 2006-2019 BMW X5, 2006-2019 BMW X6, 2019 BMW X7, e70 e46 e60 e90 f10 f15 f20 f25 f30 g30.

Details Bmw f30 hidden dash cam
Details Bmw f30 hidden dash cam

Details Bmw f30 hidden dash cam

When a violent collision occurs, the emergency backup recording function is automatically recognized and activated, and the important evidence locking protection is stored in the memory card to prevent loss of coverage.

APP download: For Android and iOS users, please search” TimaCam” in the Google Play or APP Store.Please read the following before use our this Wifi Car Dvr.


Please read the following before use our this Wifi Car Dvr.

  1. Please Bmw f30 hidden dash cam must use our Original Charger, connect with Car Cigarette Lighter, support power for Dvr work.
  2. Please input TF Card in Dvr, then Dvr will turn on WIFI automatically, smart phone can connect with Dvr wifi, We will tell you WIFI Name and WIFI Passsword by message and User Manual.. After your phone connect with Dvr wifi,you can re-set Wifi Name and password via “Wifi Setting”.
  3. We suggest you set Camera Resolution to 720P when watch on phone APP, because if set to 1080P, the recording speed is much higher than Wifi transmission rate, so the video may delay on APP.
  4. When Memory Card Full,(All Videos Are Locked,Can’t Overwrite Automatically), Dvr Will Make A Sound “Din,Din,Din…..” Remind You Format The Memory Card Via App.

Original feel and preliminary review of the BMW F30 328i!

The first thing I say first is that about 3 hours of research and testing is not enough time to do a benchmark assessment for this new F30, so there are my subjects in the article and The shortcoming will definitely happen, please understand.: D

The model Bmw f30 hidden dash cam that I see this time is the F30 328i of the modern Havana color and the red Sport version, also this time the 3 series has more color options than the previous generation, for example this Havana cigar color, if is E90, it will be opt to pay more $, this one is OK F30!
The 6th generation 3 series was born with a very clear change in appearance and internal engine compared to the 5th generation, at a glance it is clear that the design criteria for series 3 is to focus on.

Exterior overview Bmw f30 hidden dash cam
Exterior overview Bmw f30 hidden dash cam

In terms of sport and strength through design, the front end looks very “pit”, the eyes tilted up more provocative, the nostrils look longer, with the modern version, it still holds 11 wings like the previous generation

While the sport version, Bmw f30 hidden dash cam the 8 seasoned wings make it look very powerful

The exterior also clearly sees the highlights in the front and rear bumpers between the modern and sport versions, the details, the fog lights in the wind cavity of the sport version are angled, the visible panels are more prominent.

Front bumper of the sport version

The rearview mirror brings the whole child from 5 series down and integrates the signal signal, this must be annoying for 5 series. I myself still like the gourd-type rearview mirror of the previous 3 series.

Driving Bmw f30 hidden dash cam
Driving Bmw f30 hidden dash cam

Bmw f30 hidden dash cam Black chrome double exhaust, looks nice but I feel a bit small compared to the size of the car, if the exhaust is bigger it will look very strong

The car is equipped with 18 ”casters and runflat cover to create peace of mind for users, this point improves over the previous generation E90, wanting cast wheels is optional.

With a case size of 225/45 / R18, the F30’s wheels are larger than the previous generation E90 (225/45 / R17).

The 2012 BMW 3-Series is larger than the old version, 93 mm longer, the wheelbase is 50 mm more, the front axle is 37 mm more, the rear axle is 47 mm more. Therefore, the space inside the car will increase, the rear seat legroom is improved by 15mm. Despite its large size, the new generation 3 Series weighs less than 40 kg

With these additional numbers, the Bmw f30 hidden dash cam looks much bigger than the E90 and especially makes the occupants in a more spacious and comfortable space.

This generation F30 does not use oil assistance for the steering system like previous models anymore but uses an electric motor like the 5 series F10, the advantage of this type is firstly, the energy savings when turning the steering wheel, fertilizer reasonable power at different speeds such as slow speed in the city, turning a lot, the steering wheel is “enhanced” power, the steering is gentle and flexible, but not too light as Japanese cars, the One-handed steering wheel is still difficult for those “stork” like me.

At high speed, the handlebars are heavier to bring precise steering feel to the operator and enhance the feeling of “compact” and “firm” when your hands are focusing on the steering wheel. On the NVL road, PM bridge this morning I pushed to the speed of 140km / h, the steering wheel at that time had to say “heavy” like a pestle, just like the feeling of the E90 325i line, very “compact”.

Interior Bmw f30 hidden dash cam
Interior Bmw f30 hidden dash cam

The most worrying thing is the loss of Bmw f30 hidden dash cam famous “steering feel” and “steering precision” with this electric power system, I tested it on a few sharp turns, cornering the road to the PM bridge, I enlist the test launch of the trucks inside to confirm that this F30 does not lose this “reputation”, the cornering is very sharp and sweet.

When I Bmw f30 hidden dash cam got back I tried to run into the empty dead end and test the zigzac (even without stakes), the bike was very well balanced when I had to zigzac (I think partly due to the 50:50 balanced design and the DSC system of the canoe. pretty good card), there was no tossing the head or throwing the back of the car.

If there is a zigzag race of different cars, I dare bet on BMW this. In short: the F30’s electric power steering is very good, keeping tradition and adaptable to countries with insane traffic.

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