Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018 lowest

Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018

Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018Toyota Corolla 2018 is the best-selling sedan for many years. With an elegant and noble manner, the Toyota Corolla is the dream of many people. For car lovers, it is indispensable to equip the car with the latest accessories for the car lover.


Toyota Corolla 2018 Full Body Kit – Front Rear Bumper & Side Skirts
1: Upgrade Your Toyota Corolla in New Design
2: Suitable For Toyota Corolla 2018
3: All Body Kit Are Made Of High Quality Fiber Glass
Package Contents:
1x Front Bumper
1x Rear (Back Bumper)
2x Side Skirts For (Both Sides)
Note: All Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018 Items Are Primed Ready To Spray

Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018 lowest
Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018 lowest
  • Side skirt not just improves the aesthetic aspect of car exterior; it can also boost fuel mileage and allow you to reduce your fuel consumption.
  • By reducing turbulence and harnessing the air that is produced while the automobile is running, side skirts are able to boost the auto’s performance and capabilities.
  • 4pcs ABS Chrome Side Molding Cover Trim Car Body Kit Skirt Accessories For Toyota 2018, Fit for 2018 Toyota Rav4
  • Item Type: Side Molding Trim
  • Material:ABS
  • Easy installation:sticker on back side
  • Package Content: 4pcs/set
Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018 promotion
Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018 promotion


Toyota Corolla 2018 brings an elegant look, to elevate the style, many owners do not mind the Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018 for drivers.

Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018 includes: Front bumper, rear bumper, 2 side panels.

The body kit is beautifully machined, precisely designed in every detail, neatly and definitively trimmed, showing the car owner’s individuality and style.

The Corolla 2018 lip bonnet is completely designed according to a very beautiful angled motorcycle, it both makes the car look more powerful, sporty and also protects the plastic bumper car from scratches.

Lip bonnet is made from high quality plastic and painted black, designed with two fake exhaust to create highlights and make the rear more eye-catching.

Lip lip is installed by screwing, so it is durable over time of use.

Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018
Body Kit Skirt Accessories Toyota 2018



The tail of the Corolla 2018 is imported in the form of embryo and painted according to the requirements of the customer. surf faster.

Made from high-grade plastic, zin design according to the car, so when the lid completely fits, hugging the edges so it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Toyota Corolla 2018 fishtail is fixed with 3M glue, high adhesion, durable under all weather effects.

Toyota Corolla 2018 rain cover
As a decorative accessory that works as its name implies, in addition to the Corolla 2018 rain shield also works to create a hidden corner for the occupants while it is sunny, helping to regulate the car’s temperature with the outside environment.

Corolla 2018 Footrest
Foot braces decorate the car door more eye-catching, attracting attention to the interior right from the moment you get on the car. At the same time, it also protects the car door from being scratched by the heel of the car when getting on and off the car.

We have two sets of foot brace: The inner brace without lights, made from alloy is designed with decorative embossing and has Altis logo printed.

The outside brace has lights with high-quality alloy material, with an LED system highlighting the logo in the middle.

Trunk brace after Corolla 2018
Made from high quality stainless steel material, stainless over time, the surface has decorative embossed lines, printed Altis logo at a central location. The rear brace increases the rigidity of the car, helping the trunk to limit scratches and fading.

The brace is designed exclusively for the car, so the size matches the base, when installed, it is attached with special glue, so it is very durable and compact.

Toyota Corolla 2018 Door Handle Decoration Kit
Accessory kit includes: Door handle panel and door cup

The kit is designed from chromium-plated high-grade plastic, which protects the handle position from scratches because of keys or jewelry, and also makes the door more prominent and attractive.

Installing the Altis door handle and cup cladding is very quick and easy, without screwing or drilling, using only high-quality 3M glue is enough to ensure that the kit is firmly attached.


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