Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy

Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy rims wheel perfect

Overview Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy

You can use a car to stick it up first, probably simulate the adhesion effect afterwards, once you’ve determined where to adhere, you can start with 3 m glue, gently put the adhesive in place, the car sticker will not fall off, buyers can reconfirm the adhesive when appropriate and the adherent effect, when confirmed, tear the other half off, press the car’s benchmark onto the car with hand.

Back gum is all of the top class, so never use brute force when you are in a mishap, otherwise it will have an impact on the body paint, specific methods can be used to gently scrape the edge of the car mark.

Decal Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy
Decal Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy

Detailed evaluation of Hyundai Tucson 2020

In Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy the mid-size crossover segment in the Vietnamese market, Hyundai Tucson is one of the most popular names for customers because of its dynamic, youthful design, accompanied by a list of pretty decent facilities in the range. price. This statement is more evident through the stability in terms of sales that this model achieved.

Most recently, the upgrade just launched on the Vietnamese market in mid-May 2019 has achieved quite impressive numbers: 502 cars sold in August, leading the segment, in September reaching 816 cars with the growth rate reached 62%, taking second place, just behind the CR-V and continued to maintain its position in the rankings in October with 775 units sold. Accumulated in the first 9 months of 2019, Tucson’s sales volume reached 5,678 vehicles.

Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy price cheap
Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy price cheap


Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy. It can be said that, compared to the somewhat conservative, old and rigid lines on competitors such as Honda CR-V, Mitsubishi Outlander …, the Tucson is somewhat red, elaborate, eye-catching and more suitable. with young customers.

The upgrade has a strong, sporty look with embossed veins running along the body. The most impressive thing is still the front of the car with a sharper and more rigid angled Cascading Grille floor grille, which combines the LED headlamp cluster made of 5 thinner glass globes to the sides and LED strip lights. L-shaped daytime, providing better illumination in the dark.

Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy 2019 is equipped with a new design “leg set” in a modern, more dynamic style with 3 size options: 17, 18 and 19 inches (Turbo version). Behind the tail is a modern LED taillight cluster designed in the direction of simplicity, impressed by the split spoiler and dual exhaust pipes, adding a more attractive and sporty look.

Details Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy
Details Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy


With the overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height) respectively 4,480 x 1,850 x 1,665 (mm), wheelbase 2,670 mm, the new Tucson is not only more superficial, but also offers a spacious interior space. and comfortable.

Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy remains loyal to the 5-seat configuration. This configuration, although not really convenient for families with 3 generations, but with a large wheelbase (2,670 mm), the car still receives a plus point in the level of comfort in the interior.

The car has a fairly spacious legroom between the rows of seats combined with a high ceiling, so it ensures a comfortable feeling even on long journeys for passengers with an average height of 1m65 – 1m7. Meanwhile, the rows of seats are designed quite closely to the seat of the occupant, increasing comfort and limiting fatigue and back pain when moving away. In addition, the luxurious and delicate leather material on all rows of seats also contributes to a feeling of more affection and excitement on every journey.

Tucson 2020 gives users a standard luggage compartment capacity of 878 liters, quite spacious and comfortable for everyday storage and travel needs. Particularly for longer trips, need to carry a lot of belongings, users can fold the rear seats with a 60:40 ratio to expand the capacity to 1,753 liters. Not only that, with the storage boxes scattered throughout the cabin, the storage of personal items such as bags, phones … will also become more convenient.

Overview Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy
Overview Car decals tucson Hyundai vinyl auto alloy

Recreational facilities

Entering the cabin, the driver will be greeted and served by an information system with a newly designed 8-inch touchscreen that supports Apple Carplay connectivity to play music from a personal collection, integrated satellite navigation map, high-end sound system with 6-piece speakers. Also supports basic connections like Bluetooth / Radio FM / AM / AUX / USB.

With a design towards more luxury and class, similar to the seats, the Tucson’s steering wheel is also leather, integrated with buttons to control the infotainment system, hands-free conversation, Cruise Control … quite convenient and modern. However, the main minus point is that on this upgrade, the steering wheel has not been equipped with a gear switch.

Although in terms of the list of comfort equipment, when compared to the CX-5, the Hyundai Tucson cannot boast in terms of generosity, “genuine: but on the contrary, the car feels richer in technology because of the appearance of the 10-way electric driver’s seat, panoramic panorama sunroof (on rivals like CX-5, Outlander only has 8-way power adjustment, sunroof for the front row.

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