DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam H.265 Codec 1080P HD

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam: 24H Parking| DVR|  Night Version| CareMMC 32GB| H.265 Codec| 1080P HD| Driving Recorder| Guard IMX307


In 2013, DDPAI Technology Co., Ltd was established to become a cutting edge innovative scientific enterprise. DDPAI is committed to R&D and innovation in the imaging field, providing world-class imaging solutions to users across the globe.

DDPAI is committed to continuously push and promote visual perceptual solutions and strives to maintain itself as a global leader in dash cams.

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam
DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam

What’s the use of hardwire kit (IPS KITS)?

DDPAI hardwire kit features Intelligent power management ability, it will stop your car battery from descending below a certain battery level, preventing potential damage to your vehicle. When your hardwiring kit senses the battery dropping below the ‘minimum’ level, which you can pre-set from DDPAI App, it will automatically cut off your power – and as a result, you will never have to worry about your vehicle not starting up, and your dash cam will still be able to record while your ignition is off. Dash Cam automatically enter 1-second 1-frame time-lapse mode after the car shuts off, which will increase parking monitoring coverage time and stored data amount by 30 times, better realize 24-hour all-weather parking monitoring.

Night-vision Technology Gives You Peace of Mind in Night Parking

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam‘s Night Vision (NightVIS) technology is based on in-depth customization technology innovations against sony IMX307 image sensors, greatly improves the image processing ability at night, achieves wolf-eye-like night vision. Plate license, pedestrians and other objects can be seen clearly even in light-less condition. Lossless playback and collecting evidence at the accident scene.

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam Night Version
DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam Night Version

F1.8 Large Aperture More Light Intake

With F1.8 large aperture, 20% more light intake than with F2.0 aperture under the same light source. The 6-layer all-glass lens has good light transmission and sensitive sensitivity. The image is clear at night.

High Resolution Technology Image Quality Increased by 50%

H.265 codec technology, iPhone X is also using it! Enjoy 1296P HD effect with 1080P price.

IMX307 Excellent Visibility in Starlight

IMX307’s CMOS image sensor adopts back-illuminated pixel technology, provides 1 μm 22000 mV or more sensitivity, in addition to the visible light region, high quality in the near infrared region is also achieved.

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam Night Version IMX307
DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam Night Version IMX307

In Accidents 100% Save Important Videos

Built-in G-Sensor and eMMC storage saves video when a motion or impact is detected, ensures the accident details resorted. Avoid the hidden danger of video loss caused by loose or invalid TF card.

Built-in eMMC 5.1 Storage Cutting-edge Technology, Better Record

Innovatively, the eMMC5.1 storage is directly built into the device, no more TF card incompatibility, up to 5500 read and write times , and up to 100MB/s read and write speed, secure critical recording.

24-Hour Parking Monitoring Guarding Your Car Beyond Your Sight

One second one frame, time-lapse recording. It starts to recording once a crush, a collision or a damaging is involved. Clearly records whoever’s responsible.

Note: Specifically designed hard-wire kit needs to be purchased separately for 24 hours parking monitoring.

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam 24H Parking
DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam 24H Parking

Power Management Technology 24-hour Continuous Guarding

Different from traditional one-wire method, IPS intelligent adopts ACC+constant power dual wiring, it can detect your car’s working status after adapts to DDPAI products. Easy to install, protects your device and car battery, and does not drain out the battery in long time parking mode.

*Equipping with DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam special designed hard-wire kit to provide 24-hour parking monitoring.

Drawing power from fuse box, completely invisible wiring, does not occupy cigarette lighter, nor interface other external devices usage.

International Design Awards Appearance Enhance Interior Space Beauty

DDPai miniONE 1080P Dash Cam’s appearance follows the design which won German Red Dot and iF international awards. Integrated molding, compact mini size, enhance interior space beauty.

Free Direct Connection with Mobile App Playback at Anytime and Anywhere

High quality built-in Wi-Fi module, free connect this Dash Cam to App to playback in an accident, protect your side of the story. Gives you peace of mind in anyplace.

Package contents


Core Hardware:

CPU: 1080P @30fps/ HD CPU

Lens: 6 glass lens, 140° wide angle

Storage: Build-in eMMC high speed flash storage, loop recording

Video Output: Wireless video output, support Android/iOS device

G-Sensor: Built-in 3 axis accelerometer, motion locking, adjustable sensitivity via App

Video Resolution: 1920*1080 @30fps

Photo Resolution: 1920*1080

Image Senso:Sony IMX307

Technical Specifications:


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