Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P

Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P HD 360degrees Ro Night Vision Car Camera

Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P

Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P : 360degrees| Night Vision| Car Camera Recorder| Motion detection| 24-Hours Parking| Advanced assisted driving| Loop recording| Connect WIFI

Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P
Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P

Full HD glass lens on Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P

Apply sc1143, full HD glass lens with f1.8 large aperture light in. Night vision effect is more clear and fearless

1080p ultra high definition Wifi car recorder Full HD Car recorder

Full 1080p HD on Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P

Mini Pro up to 2 million pixels
Low-light conditions like cloudy days or nights,the image details is clear to be seen as usual,recording every moment of your driving journey

Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P Night Vision
Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P Night Vision

Loop recording on Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P

When the car starts,loop record automatically, never miss any moments, remove earlier recording automatically when the mempry card has no storage space.

Hundred percent of the time it takes to buy a cruise control camera for the driver, all car owners will have questions if the 4-wheel vehicle joins the road for long driving, which means that the dash camera will have to non-stop operation, so how can the cruise-tracking camera accommodate such a large movie? Continuous recording, how long will the camera last?

The answer is:

That the cruise surveillance camera has a Loop Recording mode that divides each clip into 3 minutes / 5 minutes / 10 minutes per Clip. This is extremely essential and scientific when filming moving processes. Once operating continuously, the camera will work for 6-8 hours. After that, you will let the camera rest by the camera will automatically recharge the battery through the room connected to the car source.

Connect WIFI with Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P

With Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P you can Watch with your phone more convenient and stylish

The Wi-Fi lets you download dashcam videos to a smartphone at blazing speed. You can download the  APP from your smartphone to remotely control the dash cam, change settings, real-time viewing, photo taking, video recording, playback, download the record files to your smartphone to edit it and to share it on social media platforms.

Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P HD 360degrees
Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P HD 360degrees

Motion Detection:

When you open the motion detection, camera can record if there is any movement in front of it and stops when there is not more movement on front of it. However,when you open the motion detection feature,it will take up more storage of your SD card and extend the recording storage time.

Advanced assisted driving

Based on the clear lens quality and excellent algorithm, intelligent recognition of the ground Lane Route and the vehicle ahead

Vehicle distance, when the vehicle deviates from the original lane or is too close to the vehicle in front, the vehicle speed is more than 60km / h

It will trigger the recorder to send out an alarm to remind the driver, so as to avoid driving or braking due to the lane Traffic accidents that do not occur in time.

Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P Recorder
Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P Recorder

1400 big wide vision — Cover multiple lanes Record the driving picture at any time

24H parking monitoring escort your car

Built-in high temperature 180Mah built-in battery, when the vehicle body vibration is detected, recording will automatically start.

24-Hours Parking Monitor in Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P works on an internal battery. If someone hits your car and impact reaches the G-Sensor Level, then the camera will turn ON and record 1-min video, then LOCKS IT & SAVES IT… The camera will give you Voice Alert the next time it starts stating: The Parking Mode Got Activated While You Were Away. So you know to check the last saved video file to see who crashed your car.

Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P WiFi
Eunavi Car DVR APP 1080P WiFi

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