Ford escape kuga 2016 12V

Ford escape kuga 2016 12V LED DRL Lamp

Details Ford escape kuga 2016 12V

  • The kit include(2pcs light + 1pcs controller);
  • DRL-on when the acc/ignition on;
  • DRL-dimming when headlight on;
  • DRL-yellow when turn signal light on(with yellow signal model)
View Ford escape kuga 2016 12V
View Ford escape kuga 2016 12V

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2016 Ford Escape car review

The Ford Escape 2016 assessment experts said that the new Ford compact crossover is integrated with many modern technologies, spacious interior space, impressive performance and very competitive price.

Ford escape kuga 2016 12V belongs to the segment of compact sport utility vehicle (compact SUV). With a car “high roaring, airy” but very neat, you can completely move in a crowded city, travel far with relatives and especially off-road ability is not bad at all. Come on.

The point that experts appreciate in the 2016 Ford Escape is that it has a quite spacious cabin, many modern comfort features, a sturdy body shell and a very powerful 1.6-liter turbocharged engine.

Currently, in the US, this latest Escape version is priced from 24,485 USD (S version) to 33,025 USD (Titanium version). Competitors of this sports SUV are present in Vietnam such as Honda C-RV, Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Santa Fe Sport or Mazda CX-5.

Details entire Ford escape kuga 2016 12V
Details entire Ford escape kuga 2016 12V

Review Ford Escape 2016 car head and body

The Ford escape kuga 2016 12V has a very sturdy and muscular look but also very delicate because there are more curved lines on the bonnet. The car is equipped with a hexagonal grille with horizontal bars, the protruding front bumper is quite luxurious silver-plated.

The Escape 2016’s Xenon LED headlamps are also very modern when they have automatic on-off feature when entering low or bright enough areas. Small Ford logo is located in the middle of the top of the nose of the car. The lower fog lights are neatly placed in the cavity of the radiator system, not much different from the 2015. It is quite a pity that the front of this Escape 2016 car is not equipped with LED daytime running lights.

Ford Escape 2016 has an overall size of the car with the length x Width x Height: 4524 x 2078 x 1684 (mm) and the wheelbase reaches 2690mm. The bodywork has a prominent rib underneath the doorway and a large bulge in the rear side. The handle of the car is painted in the same color as the body to create a healthier feeling.

The Ford escape kuga 2016 12V mirror is electrically adjusted / folded and also has a built-in slim LED light for the turn signals. The wheels of the car in the standard S version are 17 inches in size, in the high-end Titanium version is 19 inches with wheels made of a unique honeycomb multi-spoke alloy.

Overview Ford escape kuga 2016 12V
Overview Ford escape kuga 2016 12V

Ford Escape 2016 has LED taillights slightly convex out and divided into 2 compartments, the main compartment is elongated and clawed to the rear, the other compartment is located in the trunk door. The bottom reflector is near the rear bumper, the auxiliary brake light is located on the wing.

The rear bumper of the car is quite large and prominent when it is designed slightly overhang and has a silver gray color similar to the front bumper. The outer ends of the rear bumper are also home to dual exhaust pipes. The exhaust head is chrome plated, which is a bit unfortunate that it has a relatively soft round shape that doesn’t really match the car’s sporty tail.

Ford escape kuga 2016 12V has a front row of seats designed to embrace the seat back to create a sense of certainty Because it is a small SUV, the observation and judgment of blind spots is relatively convenient for the driver.

The rear seats are only fit for 3 people, the leg room is quite wide, the people sitting inside are relatively convenient. In the Titanium premium version, all leather seats are covered in fabric and felt in the standard version.

The car is equipped with 2-zone automatic air conditioning, 8-way electric driver’s seat. In particular, the Escape 2016 has a large two-bay sunroof that is very spacious, although not a panoramic panorama, but it is also better than many other competitors in the same segment.

Light Ford escape kuga 2016 12V
Light Ford escape kuga 2016 12V

The 2016 Ford Escape has got the experts hit very high in comfort. Accordingly, the car’s steering wheel has a quite unique 4-spoke. On the steering wheel there are some basic keys such as increase, decrease volume, navigation keys and an ok button in the middle of the selection …

The most remarkable point is the rear control meter cluster with soft blue LED lights. Two large clock holes with information about revs and vehicle speed. In the middle is the information screen about driving mode, temperature, direction of the vehicle (east, west, south, north), fuel consumption … This is a car that is said to have a display cluster. a lot more information, even more so than many more high-end mid-range SUVs.

The sound system also amazes the occupants in the car, when you own the SE version, if you invest in a Convenience package, you can own a 9-speaker system with large capacity and solid bass. In addition, it also has dual USB, 110V power socket, 5V pipe, car roof rack, 8 inch touch DVD player. And the most advanced version of Titanium, in addition to the above, the owner also enjoys a 10-speaker sound set from Sony, HD Radio, touch opening the trunk by swinging under the car, starting remotely, the side seats. 8-way electric front, automatic parking.

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