Entire Light Honda crv headlight bulb

Honda crv headlight bulb Car Light Bulb Canbus H11 H7 H4 H1

Honda crv headlight bulb

  • Small Body Size, Easy To Install, Just Plug & Play.
  • 0.01 Second Quick Start,Gives you more safety and reaction time!
  • Perfect Powerful CSP Chip,360 degree clear beam no blind zone
  • Compatible with some cars which Without Canbus System, such as: for Nissan Honda Toyota Hyundai Mitsubishi Lada Chevrolet VAZ Subaru etc.
  • Canbus decoder fit for BMW Mercedes benz VW AUDI Ford.
Details Light Honda crv headlight bulb
Details Light Honda crv headlight bulb

Honda CR-V 2020 Review

After the great successes in the US market, when it was launched in the Vietnamese market, the mid-sized urban crossover Honda CR-V quickly created a great attraction. Through many generations, Honda CR-V achieved high sales thanks to its strength as a quality, convenient and economical car.

However, in the latest upgrade, Honda CRV still has some limitations compared to its competitors, although the price of CRV is quite high.

Honda crv headlight bulb
Honda crv headlight bulb

Advantages Honda CR-V 2020

  • Durable design, poise, calm
  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • Powerful engine, good acceleration, fast overtaking
  • Smooth gearbox
  • Responsive steering wheel, for a sporty feel
  • Quiet operation in many speed ranges, good balance, high stability
  • High resale value
Light Honda crv headlight bulb
Light Honda crv headlight bulb

Disadvantages of Honda CR-V 2020

  • CR-V E version was much reduced, lacked in proportion to the price as well as competitors
  • There is no 4-wheel drive version
  • Lack of some equipment: front sensor, auxiliary seat power adjustment, Adaptive Cruise Control, Honda Sensing safety package …
  • Slightly higher prices

Honda CR-V 2020 exterior assessment

The design of the Honda CR-V 2020 brings healthier and more sporty, inspired by the “brother” Honda Civic. However, if compared to competitors in the same segment, many people still evaluate that CRV has a look that lacks youthfulness, is a bit “old”, mature, has a sense of appearance, suitable for customers over 35 years old. .

The new Honda crv headlight bulb car looks more fierce with strong and definitive design lines. The hexagonal grille stands out with a shiny chrome border above and a glossy black plastic that supports the logo in the middle, below is the honeycomb mesh.

Seamlessly connected to the grille is the headlight cluster with deep emphasis, sharp design. 2 CR-V 1.5G and 1.5L versions are equipped with LED lighting technology, with automatic on / off function according to sensor and time, auto angle adjustment. While the 1.5E version still uses Halogen light, only automatically turns on / off over time.

Overview Honda crv headlight bulb
Overview Honda crv headlight bulb

The front end of the Honda CR-V 2020 is still the familiar catfish mouth design, but is stylized to look more aggressive. This area is even more luxurious when it is supplemented with large chrome versions in the fog lamp recess and the front bumper.

Honda CR-V 1.5L fog lights are quite nice with horizontal LEDs. The remaining versions still use only Halogen bulbs.

The new Honda CR-V 2020 bodywork looks more superficial due to the long wheelbase compared to the old generation. Like the front of the car, the body is also embossed to create a clear block, more prominent when there is more chrome-plated lines extending along the lower body. Modern chrome door handles with touch buttons replace the previous mechanical buttons.

Honda crv headlight bulb rearview mirror is fully equipped with electric adjustment, electric folding and turn indicator lights. However, it’s a bit regrettable that there is no automatic folding feature when the car locks the door.

All 3 versions of Honda CRV use 18-inch black-gray alloy wheels with eye-catching petal design, with 235 / 60R18 tires.

The rear of the Honda crv headlight bulb car is completely renewed compared to the old generation, the “humpback” part that makes many users “itchy” has now been removed. L-shaped taillights with ribbed LED technology run along the D-pillar.

The bottom bumper is made of black plastic to increase its sportiness. Dual exhaust pipes with chrome-plated heads contribute to the CRV rear end feel more advanced.

Interior Light Honda crv headlight bulb
Interior Light Honda crv headlight bulb

Honda CR-V 2020 interior evaluation

Compared with the previous generation, Honda CRV 2020 has many innovations from design to equipment, in order to bring users a more comfortable and advanced experience.

The 5th generation Honda crv headlight bulb officially switched to a 7-seat configuration (5 + 2 format) instead of the previous 5 seats. The seats have smart folding / back, very flexible (capable of up to 180 degrees) to optimize space according to the purpose of use.

If the 5-seat Honda CRV is old, the spaciousness and comfort leading the segment is an advantage, then to the 7-seat Honda CRV version, the car will receive many mixed opinions. Many people believe that the space in the third row is quite tight. If you want to sit comfortably, you need to push the second row of seats forward and adjust the backrest to stand more.

However, objectively, you can hardly compare or require a 5 + 2 configuration crossover to be like a true 7-seat car. With the 5 + 2 configuration, the third row of seats usually only acts as the extra row. Honda CR V is suitable for families who often move from 5 to 6 people.

All Honda CRV versions are equipped with leather seats. 8-way electric driver’s seat, especially 4-way back pump support. But there is a big minus point is that the extra seat is still manual even with the highest version of Honda CRV 1.5L. While the high-end version of many competitors in the same segment as the Mazda CX-5 or Nissan X-Trail has power adjustment for the extra seats.

2nd row Honda CRV seats fold 60:40 ratio. Third row seats fold 50:50 ratio. And both rear seats can be folded flat.

Honda crv headlight bulb luggage compartment is not too large, can be folded flat to increase the storage area.

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