JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam

JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam avtoregistrator 6.86 Screen Full HD 1080P

JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam

JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam: avtoregistrator 6.86 Screen| Full HD 1080P| Car Dvr| Car recorder| dash cam night vision| Wide Dynamic Range Technology| Parking Monitor| G-Sensor…

Do you know anything about JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam?

In 2011, JADO China invested in the establishment of the first production base in Shenzhen,JADO China (Shenzhen production base)production base covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters,the total investment of nearly 100 million yuan.JADO China (Shenzhen production base)to introduce a number of advanced automated production lines and standardized 100000 clean room, and supporting the mold,optical lens manufacturing and other functions.All the workshops only to clean,pollution-free environmental control to ensure product quality.

JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam
JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam

The functions of JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam

Excellent night vision

6.86inch HD large screen recorder

Wide Dynamic Range Technology (WDR)

· Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology is a function of the cctv that delivers clearer images in situations where the background light intensity is very strong, which is the case where the frames coexist in two very different areas. bright and very dark. To make it easier to understand, the WDR technology on the camera helps prevent against backlight.
· The WDR feature is capable of allowing you to customize the contrast according to the environment in which you mount the camera.

JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam Dvr
JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam Dvr

Large amount of incoming light

Better photosensitive effect

JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam 6.86 Screen
JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam 6.86 Screen

Easier to park your car with full screen reversing video and parking lines

Full Screen HD Reversing Image

24-Hours Parking Monitor on JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam works on an internal battery. If someone hits your car and impact reaches the G-Sensor Level, then the camera will turn ON and record 1-min video, then LOCKS IT & SAVES IT… The camera will give you Voice Alert the next time it starts stating: The Parking Mode Got Activated While You Were Away. So you know to check the last saved video file to see who crashed your car.

JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam Full HD 1080P
JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam Full HD 1080P

G-Sensor of JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam

G-Sensor in JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam collision sensor is widely equipped in the type of journey cameras to detect the impact on the camera impact. With the dashcam, the G-Sensor plays a very important role, helping to protect the video when a collision occurs.
· Specifically, in the process of moving our cars there may be bumps or collisions even accidents. When a collision occurs G-sensor will be activated and remember the time of the collision on video. Videos marked with will not be overwritten during use.

And more :

· In addition, the G-sensor can automatically activate devices and record, which is really useful when you want to prevent parking theft when parked.
· When there is sufficient external force on the vehicle, the camera will automatically activate and record. After a period of time the camera automatically shuts off when no force is applied.

JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam recorder
JADO D560 Mirror Dash Cam recorder

Timely warns driver

If the car deviates the lane : Lane Departure Warning System

Product Info

Lens: 5M pixels,140°HD wide angle
Display: 6.86 inch LCD
Encoding: H.264/MP4
Memory card :Class 10 TF card(4-64GB)
Video resolution: 1920x1080P + VGA
G-sensor: Build-in 3 axis g-sensor,3 options of sensitivity
Audio: Available
Seamless video: No interrupt video
Loop video: Optional 1/2/3 min,new file auto overwrites old file when card is full.
Aperture: F2.0
Installation type: Rearview mirror
Cameras: Dual
Language: EN,RU,CN(S),CN(T),etc.Eight languages
Battery: Build-in lithium polymer battery
Car USB: power 5V
Working temperature:-20℃ to 70℃ Storage temperature:-30℃ to 80℃

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