JADO T650C Dash cam

JADO T650C Dash cam Stream RearView Mirror Car

JADO T650C Dash cam

JADO T650C Dash cam:  Recorder Stream RearView Mirror| Camera avtoregistrator| 10 IPS Touch Screen| Streaming media rearview| Excellent night vision| Reversing video| Parking monitor| Collision sensor| Front and rear dual video| G-sensor…

About JADO T650c Car Dvr

JADO China Shenzhen production base

In 2011, JADO China invested in the establishment of the first production base in Shenzhen,JADO China (Shenzhen production base)production base covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters,the total investment of nearly 100 million yuan.JADO China (Shenzhen production base)to introduce a number of advanced automated production lines and standardized 100000 clean room, and supporting the mold,optical lens manufacturing and other functions.All the workshops only to clean,pollution-free environmental control to ensure product quality.

JADO in 2012 was ISO9001 quality management system certification,China 3C compulsory certification and CE,CB,UL and other international certification.JADO all products are owned by the Chinese people to provide full product liability insurance.

JADO T650C Dash cam
JADO T650C Dash cam

The main functions of JADO T650C Dash cam

The wide-angle lens

Shows a distance closer than the actual distance

Adjust Angle Of Rear Camera On Screen

With JADO T650C Dash cam You can easily adjust the angle of front / rear camera by sliding your finger.

JADO T650C Dash cam FHD 1080P
JADO T650C Dash cam FHD 1080P

Standard Streaming Media Maintrend Of The Future

Streaming media real time display,standard configuration of every car

JADO T650C Dash cam Stream video recorder : 24-hour Parking Monitoring(Need PC to Activate)

Use the parking monitoring function, you need to install the PC(Power cord) to continue to supply power to the D230. Please purchase a package including PC .When the car battery is low, the power cord will protect the battery from damage.
24-Hours Parking Monitor works on an internal battery. If someone hits your car and impact reaches the G-Sensor Level, then the camera will turn ON and record 1-min video, then LOCKS IT & SAVES IT…

JADO T650C Dash cam night vision
JADO T650C Dash cam night vision

Loop Recording

The loop recording function is turned on by default and cannot be turned off.
Hundred percent of the time it takes to buy a cruise control camera for the driver, all car owners will have questions if the 4-wheel vehicle joins the road for long driving, which means that the dash camera will have to non-stop operation, so how can the cruise-tracking camera accommodate such a large movie? Continuous recording, how long will the camera last?
The answer is that the cruise surveillance camera has a Loop Recording mode that divides each clip into 3 minutes / 5 minutes / 10 minutes per Clip.

JADO T650C Dash cam Dvr Camera
JADO T650C Dash cam Dvr Camera

Emergent Moment Collision Sensor: JADO T650C Dash cam

In the recording mode, save the video evidence automatically when has a collision
G-Sensor is a type of collision sensor widely used in the type of cruise camera. The G-Sensor detects a collision and activates a function or starts the device. Depending on the sensitivity adjusted in the G-Sensor, it can detect a certain force.

JADO T650C Dash cam  Stream video recorder
JADO T650C Dash cam Stream video recorder

Useful Reversing Skill

Easier to parl your car with full screen reversing video and parking lines.

Specifications of JADO T650C Dash cam

Lens5M pixels,140degHD wide angle
Display9.35 inch LCD
Memory cardClass 10 TF card(4-128GB)
Video resolution1920x1080P + 1280x720P
G-sensorBuild-in 3 axis g-sensor,3 options of sensitivity
Seamless videoNo interrupt video
Loop videoOptional 1/2/3 min,new file auto overwrites old file when card is full.
LanguageEN,RU ,CN(S),CN(T),etc.Eight languages
BatteryBuild-in lithium polymer battery
Car USB power5V
EnvironmentWorking temperature:-20℃ to 70℃Storage temperature:-30℃ to 80℃
Installation typeRearview mirror
Colorwhite-blue mirror
ApplicationStreaming media rearview,Excellent night vision,Reversing video,Parking monitor,
Collision sensor,Front and rear dual video

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