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Lexus is300h accessories LED interior light kit package

Details Lexus is300h accessories

Interior LEDs allow you to change the look of your interior in moments. LED bulbs have a higher light output and are far more efficient than stock bulbs. This kit will transform your entire interior with bright white light.

Improve your interior lighting experience; open your door to a world of stunning light.

Light Lexus is300h accessories
Light Lexus is300h accessories

Front Dome/Map Lights – 3pc
Rear Dome/Map Lights – 3pc
Trunk lights-1pc
Door/Puddle lights-2pc
Vanity Mirror/Sun Visor-2pc
Front Footwell lights-2pc


New Lexus ES 300h 2021 Overview

Although the 7th generation Lexus ES series has just been sold in our country after the Vietnam Motorshow 2018 exhibition in January 2019, Lexus only distributed one version, the ES 250. That’s why in the early days of the decade century, Lexus decided to add the ES 300h to create a new fever of hybrid electric cars.

Lexus is300h accessories has a total of 10 exterior colors including: Be, White, Gray Gray, Silver, Sonic Silver, Black, Graphite Black, Red, Blue, Sunlight Blue.

The new generation Lexus ES 300h 2021 wears a sleek and extremely attractive outfit in a chassis with dimensions of 4,975 x 1,865 x 1,445 mm. This figure shows that the car is 66 mm longer than the old version and 46 mm wider.

The most prominent highlight that the Lexus is300h accessories excites the viewer is its sleek, luxurious and sophisticated appearance. The car borrows design ideas from the Lexus LS 500h 2021 to get a soft and attractive curved appearance.

Check car Lexus is300h accessories
Check car Lexus is300h accessories

The new version of the ES 2021 series receives powerful improvements in illumination. Vehicles using lighting technology include a cluster of 3 Bi-Led bulbs combined with LED daytime lighting which are very prominent when surfing on the road.

In addition, the car lights also integrate AHS Blade Scan high-speed scanning technology that detects the vehicle in front to distribute the light effectively. The lightning bolt structure arrangement with sharp cuts makes the Lexus is300h accessories even more fierce and cool.

At the center of the car is the presence of a vertical radiator grille that is composed of shiny chrome-coated metal bars. L-Finesse design language brings together the curving lines centered on the steering wheel made by takumi workers over 25 years of experience.

On the sides, the fish-bearing air intakes press close to the front of the vehicle with a crescent-type that points the head in the direction of the grille. The front bumper is beveled thin and merged into one body with a very sophisticated steering wheel.

Overview Lexus is300h accessories
Overview Lexus is300h accessories

Seen from the side. The Lexus is300h accessories is extremely slim, slimming with moving tendons on the body. The car uses a set of 18-inch glossy gray wheels consisting of beautifully swirled spokes. Not only that, the internal structure is also specially designed to reduce noise while traveling.

The overall body of the car has a tendency to “flow” forward thanks to the long nose and the gentle slope of the A-pillar. Meanwhile, from the B-pillar, the hood is tapered off and tends to go down, creating the feeling that the C-pillar is merging with the rear end.

The car has a shiny chrome-plated window glass frame on the piano painted background of the B-pillar. Lexus ES 300h uses electric folding rearview mirror, automatically adjusts when reversing. In addition, the car also features anti-glare, remember the position when used to help users easier to observe.

Dubbed the miniature version of the LS line, the ES 300h 2021 inherits a unique design when converging curves from front to back. The car uses LED taillights consisting of many L-shaped parallel L’s, which are like bright red metal bars.

The prominent 3D motifs in the rear surrounds the car and is gathered in the position of the number plate, making the overall subtle, luxurious L-Finesse design language even more.

Luxury and classy interior

Going inside the car, customers find it familiar when there are not too many changes compared to the 2019 model. In return, Lexus has upgraded a few more gadgets to the car with more technology.

The Lexus ES 300h 2021 is considered the largest midsize luxury sedan on the market with a 2870 mm wheelbase. Asian vehicle space with deep or dark colors and high quality wood.

Driving Lexus is300h accessories
Driving Lexus is300h accessories

Unlike German cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus ES300h do not design a European-style cockpit with much technology. Instead, you’ll see more clearly the personalization is focused on the driver’s position.

The car uses many high-end materials such as bright metal in the door knob, center console dashboard. The dashboard surface consists of many high-grade leather surfaces that make up many beautiful pieces. It’s a bit of a pity that the center console has a lot of mechanical buttons and is distracting.

Looking up at the ceiling, customers will feel satisfied when the car is integrated with a sunroof to help you enjoy entertaining moments while watching the sky through the glass window.

The car has a 10-way adjustable multi-purpose driver’s seat that integrates 3 memory positions, supports seat backrest and seat cooling. The front seats have a similar feature but trim the cooling option.

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