Apple carplay for bmw f45

Mirror Wireless Apple carplay for BMW F45 BEST

Product Description Apple carplay for BMW F45

The Kremersino iSmart box is an intelligent vehicle interactive retrofit system which provides Carplay and Android auto for your BMW/Mercedes Benz/Audi/Porsche/Volvo/Honda/Lexus/Buick

The iSmart box is designed as a parallel working system with OE car entertainment system, and it does not affect the normal operation of the OE car system at all.

User can switch from standard Buick system to Carplay or Android Auto interface by pressing one button! Vice versa.

Apple carplay for bmw f45t

Apple carplay for bmw f45t

Wireless CarPlay Apple carplay for BMW F45

CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive. And now with an all‑new CarPlay Dashboard that helps you with tunes, turns, and Siri suggestions, a Calendar app that lets you view and manage your day, and maps that reveal more of what’s around you, getting there just got a whole lot easier. And a lot more fun.

If there is no navigation in your vehicle, don’t worry. The iSmart box can display the map navigations, such as Waze, Apple Map, Google Map on the central screen.
What’s more. It will show daylight mode and night mode(turn on headlight) according to the real time.

User can play all the music APPs listed in apple store or google shop. Such as Spotify,Apple Music, Amazon
Download radio APP, listen it on Carplay interface
You can still listen radio on original car system

Apple carplay for bmw f45h t
Apple carplay for bmw f45h t

About OEM Microphone Apple carplay for BMW F45
Why we cancel OEM microphone function at smart box

For all carplay boxes, no matter produced by which factory now(include us), when use OEM microphone, there is a bug which unable to be solved at present. There is NO SOS call function if there is any emergency happens.

No other manufacturer/trader will tell customer that, as they just care of selling product according to customers’ like’

But in our views, such bug is a potential RISK for all of our customers as well as ourself. So we would like to cancel this’selling point’ before product shipped.

Siri can read, reply, and send text messages for you, so you never have to look at your iPhone while driving. Just say “Siri, tell Blair I’ll be there in 20 minutes,” and it’s done. CarPlay can also play audio messages through the car’s speakers.

apple carplay for bmw f45 hot
apple carplay for bmw f45 hot

Mirroring & Airplay Apple carplay for BMW F45

Just connect CarPlay Bluetooth, project the mobile phone screen onto the car screen via iPhone USB phone cable(AirPlay) or Andorid wired (Autolink and data cable), and enjoy a safer and more convenient car experience while driving.

USB Video Apple carplay for BMW F45

You can play the music and video by accessing the USB, and enjoy better entertainment

Front/Rear/360 Camera

Once the car in reverse mode, the parking distance sensor will work together with the camera

​Wireless CarPlay for Toyota Prado 13-19 Models-AHD

AHD high-definition video output protocol

H apple carplay for bmw f45 hot
H apple carplay for bmw f45 hot

Using Apple carplay for BMW F45 high-definition video output protocol can effectively reduce the color noise in the high frequency area, and the image reproduction is better, so that the image quality of the reversing image has a qualitative leap and improvement

DVR Apple carplay for BMW F45
Support video input of driving recorder (support video input of various other formats at the same time)

Software updating

As manufacturer, we provide constant software updating service for all our customer for FREE. Each of our box will enjoy the latest the IOS and Android auto functions.

If you are purchase the box from our distributor or agent, please ask updating software from them directly.


Plug and Play, no need breaks any original car cable
Installation video available
Installation manual detailed steps available
Video chatting/Online Chatting/Phone calling/Email supporting

Apple carplay for bmw f45h t
Apple carplay for bmw f45h t

Brand Story

Base in Shenzhen, Kremersino is a group company who is focusing on designing, developing, and producing vary kinds of products for auto aftermarket. Beside factory, we also have own garage working at forefront in Chinese first level city.
Benefit from fast developing Chinese market, and new car models releasing time, we have first-hand experience and news at industry.

Most important, we thank you very much our dear customers, both domestic and oversea ones, without you, there is no Kremersino exist. What we can offer is top quality part, best service, and our sincerely heart.
It’s not a slogan but our actions.

If available in your BMW, Apple carplay for BMW F45 lets you connect your iPhone to your BMW and use iOS apps on the built-in dashboard display. You can listen to music, make calls, get directions, send texts and more — all while staying focused on the road.

With the help of Siri, you can do all these things without taking your hands off the wheel. It’s a very useful feature that enhances your driving experience, so make sure you find out more about Apple CarPlay if you aren’t already familiar with it.

Apple carplay for BMW F45 compatibility is limited because it requires the NBT Evo head unit with ID5 or ID6 software. In other words, your BMW needs the latest on-board computer and operating system. Even if you have a vehicle from 2016, 2015 or 2014 with recent technology, your vehicle may only have the ID4 hardware, or the older head unit hardware, regular NBT.

If your BMW is equipped with a compatible head unit, BimmerTech can perform a software activation to enable Apple CarPlay. In some cases, you might need to add a WiFi antenna if your car does not already have one, to allow establishing a wireless connection between your iPhone and BMW head unit.

You can check here if your BMW needs one and if so — order it with us. With the appropriate hardware fitted in your vehicle, BimmerTech, unlike BMW, can do the Apple carplay for BMW F45 activation even if you live in a country which is not on the Apple carplay for BMW F45 availability list.

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