Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR 3 CHS cameas RAM 2GB+ROM32GB Car Mirror

Blackvue Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR 3 CHS cameas RAM 2GB+ROM32GB Car Mirror Camera dvrs Android ADAS GPS Navigation DashCam 1080P hd car dvr dash camera

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR : 3 CHS cameas| RAM 2GB+ROM32GB| Car Mirror| Camera dvrs| Android| ADAS GPS Navigation DashCam| 1080P hd| Touch screen + button operation| Bluetooth+FM transmitter

Introducing phisung technology group and highlights of the dashcam

1. Phisung Digital Technology Co., Ltd specializes in providing digital equipment solutions in the field of networking and wireless internet solutions with the name of Phisung Network Technology Co. .., Ltd.

2. With the second segment of Phisung, many accomplishments are in the field of manufacturing and supplying video and video surveillance equipment with the company name Phisung Imaging Technology Co. .., Ltd, this is the place specializes in manufacturing and supplying surveillance camera equipment distributed and recorded in many countries around the world.

3. Phisung’s third activity is the new technology investment field with the name of Phisung Investment Company. At present, Phisung Group is operating in the 3 main fields in China and International market.

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR
Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR

Overview of Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR with Android 5.1 system,RAM 2GB+ROM32GB

Operate speed is faster 50% on device

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR with 3 Cameras Record Simultaneously

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR supports Front +Inside+Back Camera recording at the same time , specially the inside camera is night vision cam.

It is very useful to monitor what happends inside the vehice for passengers , bady

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR GPS Navigation
Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR GPS Navigation

Two-Way WiFi, Share Internet

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR could share with traffic data with other mobile phone / tablet pc.

Mobile APP Remote Monitor

Remotely monitor your car in real time from anywhere , anytime.

With 4G , Multipe Applications & Entertainment Possibility

It creates more possibility for driver to enjoy more entertainment funs when road trip.

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR 1080P hd
Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR 1080P hd

ADAS Driving Warning

Advanced driving alarm systems (LDWS/ FCWS / FVMA), it is useful alarm systems to keep your driving safer.

Two-way Voice Communication

Talk with people in the car from your smartphone

Guid the way with offline GPS map

This device is available to download the Navitel, Sygic , Yandex maps, Map me , ane other GPS map applications

Bluetooth Handsfree

After smartphone pair with the car dvr , you could answer or make the phone call on the mirror dvr device.

FM Transmitter Available

Sync the music song to your car audio speaker to play out .

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR 3 CHS cameas
Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR 3 CHS cameas

Special Mount Installation

With special bracket installation, without binding and more firmly.


Internal camera is to record the driver and passengers and find out all the passenger inside the car with photoes, audio and video
Possibility to track the vehicle driving path on the mobile app;
Know the speed of the car and the time directly;
Touch screen + button operation;
Excellent documentation of incidents if happened;
Broadcast Wi-Fi inside the car;
The screen is 8.0 inches high definition;
Support Google Map

And more: Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR

Connect the phone and make calls on the device via bluetooth handsfee;
Ability to open YouTube and browse the Internet;
The possibility of downloading applications from Google Play;
Support SD memory up to 128GB (not include);
The possibility of moving the vehicle from car to car easil
Easy to install and do not need a technicia
Bluetooth+FM transmitter
Front lens is adjustable;
Ability to track vehicle and take pictures and video by mobile app “Car Assist “, available in the App Store and Google Play;
Support Arabic, English , Russian , French , Spanish, Bulgarian, Vietnamese , Japanese , Korean and ect Multiple languages.

Phisung dashcam K3000 DVR Standard Package include:

1 x Phisung K3000 Car DVR
1 x Rear camera ( with 45cm length wire)
1 x Rear cable ( with 600cm length wire)
1 x GPS antenna ( with198cm length wire)
1 x Power cable ( with 320cm length wire)
1 x Universal base ( 13 balls base)
1 x Special Bracket 1# (or other special bracket you want)

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