Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS

Phisung V9 10″Full Touch IPS DVR Android Mirror 4G GPS FHD 1080P Dual lens Car DVR

Phisung V9 10″Full Touch IPS

Mirror screen integrated Phisung V9 10 “Full Touch cruise camera is a versatile technology product for cars. This is a leading device with completely outstanding features. Highly appreciated by the market and customers. Delicate design, bringing many benefits to the user, is an intelligent assistance tool to help you have safe driving journeys.Let us learn about its features.

Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS
Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS

PHISUNG V9,  12-in-one 4G Android Special Stand Mirror DVR

A solution for drivers that connects 12 in one functions: 10in touch operation, Steaming video, 4G internet surfing, Remote Monitor , ADAS , GPS Navigation,

Car Video Recorder, Parking monitor, Bluetooth hands-free, WiFi , FM transmitter  smart device with Android 5.1 OS

Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS 4G
Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS 4G

Main Functions:

  • Lighter DVR+Special Stent=Safer :
    Now you no need to worry about “Mirror dvr+your original mirror=Too heavy” issues
  • It is all mirror IPS screen of 10inch:
    With Phisung V9, the device is the display. The display employs new techniques and technology to precisely follow the curves of the design,all the way to the elegantly rounded corners, to ensure 100% image view will be displayed in this 10inch entirely mirror screen.
  • Triple wide rearview by streaming video technology:
    This is all new technology for rearview mirror dvr. Phisung V9 is equipped with this advanced streaming media technology,makes the driving rear view more widely , it is triple wide view if compare to the traditional mirror.
  • With explosion-proof vehicle standard touch mirror :
    If you are searching for one Mirror DVR could replace your car rearview mirror, then it is Phisung V9,which is mostly similar to your vehicle mirror and uses the explosion-proof touch mirror materials to make driving safer.
  • 4G ,faster and more fun


  • Remote Monitor & GPS logger tracking:
    Track the location of your car, remotely capture what happen to your car from anywhere in the world.
    View images and watch video clips of your car with App on your smart phone once you are connected to the internet.
  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS):
    Drowsy or distracted driving greatly increases the chance of an accident on the road. The LDWS will alert the driver when the vehicle goes off lane in a speed over 50 km/h.
  • Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS):
    Accidents can be avoided by maintaining a safe following distance. Road Safety Warning System in the Phisung V9 calculates the real-time distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, while driving above 30 km/h in expressways or under 30 km/h in a busy city, and issues a 3-level early warning to the driver depending on the danger of collision.
  • Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW):
    When your car is stopped at an intersection or in traffic, the intelligent guidance system informs you that the vehicle in front has started to move, preventing a delayed response just in case you stop looking ahead.
Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS 4G Android Mirror
Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS 4G Android Mirror
  • GPS Dual Band (GPS+BD):
    More accurate gps location with dual band GPS . It allows you to choose the optimal route and reach your destination without unnecessary trouble.
  • Dual channels recording and auto reverse parking :
    This device comes with two wide-angle cameras and can for the front and rear of your vehicle. The two HD Cameras can record simultaneously automatically capturing every fleeting moment. With its support of upto 128GB Memory card slot, this car DVR camera packs more than enough storage to save recordings and other files.
  • Auto Reverse For Safe Parking :
    The Phisung V9 automatically switches to the back camera image view by 10” full mirror screen when the car is on reverse.
    It comes with high quality images which help to identify vital details such as license plates, driver actions and road features which may prove your innocence.
  • Extreme & ingenuity, Make it Better Phisung V9:
    With our engineer artistic creation and repeated testing, now Phisung-V9 is finally released.
    Our phisung team, hope could make one Smart Mirror DVR which could totally upgrade your traditional rearview mirror with our best. Now , it is the time.
Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS 4G Android
Phisung V9 10Full Touch IPS 4G Android

Standard Package include:

  • 1 x Phisung V9 Car DVR (dvr unit with 38cm length wire )
  • 1 x AHD Rear camera ( with 45cm length wire)
  • 1 x Rear cable ( with 600cm length wire)
  • 1 x GPS antenna ( with198cm length wire)
  • 1 x Power cable ( with 320cm length wire)
  • 1 x Universal base ( 13 balls base)
  • 1 x Special Bracket 1#  (or other special bracket you want

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