Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam

Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam Car Rear View Camera

Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam

Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam is rated as the most advanced product in the journey camera with outstanding image quality, true color. Many support features to help drivers drive safely. Customers who want to know more details about the product, please refer to the information below.

Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam
Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam

Featured function of Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam

  • High reduction WDR: Wide Dynamic Image PrOcessing Technology overexposure, wide dynamic synthesis, under exposure.
  • High definition recorder:108p HD display, make you look comforetable, reduce collision.
  • Recording function: he recording can be opened/closed,recording the wonderful words and deeds in the journey.
  • Parking monitoring:parking monitoring, instantaneous call-up and opending of automatic video recorder.
  • Seamless cyclic video recording: When the machine recognizes that the memory card is full it will automatically delete the previously unused video clips (lock-in video will not be deleted), so as to achieve circular recoding without manual deletion.
  • Gravity induction instantaneous protection of data: automatic locking of important documents in emergencies without losing any evidence, escorting you and your car at critical moment.
Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam WDR
Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam WDR


1.3-inch IPS high-resolution display

2.Built-in G-Sensor:In the event of a vehicle collision, it will automatically locks the recorded video to accurately record the event.

3.Loop-Cycle Recording with no leakaging: User can choose to loop recording video in 1/3/5 minutes,it can save key image data without losing and when the TF card is full, it can automatically overwrite old videos, automatically delete unwanted videos, save new videos

4.Parking monitor:To achieve unattended surveillance video,in standby mode of the vehicle,when there is vibration or moving objects in front ,the recorder will start the machine and automatically locks the video and save the video file

5.Night vision:Automatically turn on the fill light when the light is too dark for HD recording

6.Motion detection:In standby mode, When the recorder detects that the object is moving, it will automatically record the entire movement. When there is no more action, the camera will stop recording.

7.Automatic ON/OFF:The camera can automatically starts recording when connected to the vehicle power and stops recording with autosave after the car is stalled

Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam WDR Car
Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam WDR Car


  • Product Name:Car DVR Video Recorder
  • Camera:120 A+ grade high-resolution ultra-wide-angle lens
  • Size:3.0” IPS Car DVR
  • Video resolution:1080FHD/720P/VGA
  • File format:AVI
  • Video format: PAL/NTSC
  • Image format:JPEG
  • Power interface:1A Car charger
  • Frequency:50HZ/60HZ
  • TF Card:32GB(MAX)
  • Battery:Built-in 250mAh
  • Microphone:Support
  • Sound:Built-in Sound
  • Color:Black
  • Night vision:Support
  • USB function:USB-Disk/the PC-Camera
  • Language:English/Russian/Thai/Japanese/Chinese (Simplified)

Package Included:

1 x Video Recorder
1 x Bracket for Dashcam
1 x Car Charger for Dash Camera
1 x Instruction manual for Car DVR Camera

Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam WDR Car Rear View
Podofo 3 inch Dash Cam WDR Car Rear View

Kindly remind:

1.It needs a micro SD card, which should be original and high speed C10, 4-32GB.

Be carful there are many copies in the marke

2. Do not charge via usb cable from computer, please charge via the 12V car charger.
It may burn the motherboard if on truck of 24v power, please add a 24v to 12v converter.

3. To keep driving safe, as the car temperature is very high when outdoors in summer, if large battery, it will be easy to explode,so the battery of car DVR are produced very small.

The battery is only to save the video when power off suddenly. Therefore please charge via car charger when used.

4. How to loop recording?
a> Please turn on the loop recording in the menu.
b> Please format the card in the camera before use.
c> Please turn low or off the G-sensor due to the high sensitivity, it will save many videos which can’t be cycle covered, so the card is filled full soon, then it stops the video.

5. View Angle:
The angle showed in the display is not the view angle, please play the video on computer, it will be larger and clearer than in registrar.

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