Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR

Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR Full HD 1080P Night Vision Vehicle Car Camera

Whistler Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR Full HD 1080P Night Vision Vehicle Car Camera DVRs Recorder Video Registrator Box Carcam Dash Cam

Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR : Night Vision| Recorder Video| Full HD 1080P| Vehicle Car Camera DVRs| Registrator Box Carcam| Dash Cam 170°| G-sensor| Cycle Recording| Motion Detection …

About Podofo Company :

Shenzhen ShunXinDa Trading Co., Ltd has been established on April 12, 2013 and created podofo brand, it becomes a global leader of automotive electronics in the world. We surely try our best to get the high quality products and the best serveice to save money for our customer. We are proud to provide car electronic products to make driving safer and better with great fun that you couldn’t help choosing podofo products.

Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR
Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR

The features of  Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR

Motion Detection:

  • When you open the motion detection, camera can record if there is any movement in front of it and stops when there is not more movement on front of it. However,when you open the motion detection feature,it will take up more storage of your SD card and extend the recording storage time.

Loop Recording:

  • With Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR You can set it to record from one to three minutes. White Balance: It is used for light adjustment in different environment.(it is recommended to choose auto,or it may result in color distortion) Camera Audio: You can select whether or not to record the sound.
Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR Full HD 1080P
Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR Full HD 1080P


  • G-Sensor is a type of collision sensor widely used in the type of cruise camera. The G-Sensor detects a collision and activates a function or starts the device. Depending on the sensitivity adjusted in the G-Sensor, it can detect a certain force.
  • G-Sensor collision sensor is widely equipped in the type of journey cameras or surveillance cameras to detect the impact on the camera impact. With the dashcam, the G-Sensor plays a very important role, helping to protect the video when a collision occurs. Specifically, in the process of moving our cars there may be bumps or collisions or even accidents, when the collision occurs G-sensor sensor will be activated and remember the time of the incident. collide on video. Videos marked with will not be overwritten during use.

The effect of G-sensor

  •  In addition, G-sensor can automatically activate the device and record, this is really useful when you want to prevent car theft when parked.
  •  When there is sufficient external force on the vehicle, the camera will automatically activate and record. After a period of time the camera automatically shuts off when no force is applied.
Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR Recorder Video
Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR Recorder Video

Picture quality:

Different photo clarity selection, the higher resolution value, the more clear and sharper picture quality.

Cycle Recording

Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR a very useful feature on cameras when used as a car cruise camera. This feature allows video files to be saved as separate segments at predefined time: 3, 5, 10. 15 minutes depending on the user choosing. After the card is full, the oldest file will be deleted and new content will be written to. If you have to review the content, it will be easy to find exactly the time you need to search by the file name set by time – finding images on small files will be much faster when having to rewind over long files for hours.

Night vision on Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR

High sensitization technology cam lens Night is the day
To solve the long-term in a strong light source contrast and contrast under the poor quality of the problem, in the exposed exposure to extreme light source environment can shoot high-quality high-definition impact.

Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR Night Vision
Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR Night Vision

Specifications of Podofo dashcam A1 Mini Car DVR

– 1080P FULL HD resolution
– 140 degree A + grade high – resolution wide Angle lens
– The Advanced photography MJPG compression will technology
– 2.4 inch high resolution LCD, can watch while shooting.
– Night vision function
– Automatically turn on/off function
– Support HDMI full HD video transmission
– Support TF memory card up to 32 gb
– Seamless loop – cycle recording function
– Motion detection function
– G – sensor function
– Language support: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, the Russian

Package contents:

1 x podofo Novatek Car DVRs Camera GT300
1 x Bracket forFor Car Camera
1 x Car charger For Car Camera
1 x USB cable For Car Camera
1 x User Manual For Car Camera
1 x Retail Box For Car DVRs GT300

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