Details Prius rocket bunny kit

Prius rocket bunny kit rear fender over flares no1 best modern

Prius rocket bunny kit

  • Top Fiber glass
  • Black Gel-coat
  • Light Weight & UV Protected
  • 100% Brand New
  • Made by vacuum pump
Prius rocket bunny kit
Prius rocket bunny kit

Prius rocket bunny kit / Pandem is a Japanese car tuning company affiliated to TRA, Hashimoto Corporation based in Kyoto. With CEO Miura Kei at the top.

They are one of the pioneering car tuning firms about Over-Fenders, Prius rocket bunny kit (If you are lazy, you can understand the chassis, body of the car 😋) as well as Performance today. Along with other big competitors such as Liberty Walk / LBPerformance, Veilside, Novitec Group, Hamann Motorsport, Mansory.

Here is the Nissan GT-R that has been tuned to a new Prius rocket bunny kit called the Pandem of TRA. The car is covered with new Over-Fenders pieces around the wheel recess.

The most special is the small drill rivet holes that create accents, an indescribable attraction for a car fitted with Prius rocket bunny kit today.


Safety features Toyota Prius 2019

In response to a safe journey, the Prius rocket bunny kit is equipped with airbags and positioned in key positions to minimize possible injury. In addition, the pre-collision warning system, automatic emergency braking, lane departure control device and a rearview camera are ready to operate whenever needed.

Along with that, the car is equipped with the brakes and necessary warning devices. Better yet, Toyota has good warranty and maintenance so when buying a car, customers buying here will feel secure because they are taken care of, and check their machines before each journey. It is even possible to easily paint, repair and change new clothes for the car at Prius rocket bunny kit.

Customers can immediately contact us for advice and updates on these programs at Toyota. In addition, for a more durable car, we also guide the car care and cleaning for the owner of the Toyota Prius 2019. All information will be supported completely free of charge.

Toyota Prius 2019 – Detailed advantages and disadvantages assessment

Toyota Prius 2019 is one of the most popular and powerful sports cars today because it is a great combination of engine, design, operation, comfort and interior design. Extremely trendy exterior gives users a different experience than previous versions of Toyota sports cars.

Highly appreciated in the market, Toyota Prius has become an icon of the hybrid car and always leads in sales. But in the past few years, many hybrid cars have been launched, so many people are waiting for a new breakthrough that Toyota Prius 2019 brings through each road.

Item Toyota Prius rocket bunny kit
Item Toyota Prius rocket bunny kit


Experts evaluating the Toyota Prius 2015 have given a brilliant A for the Prius’s fuel-saving advantages. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a car that satisfies the fuel economy criteria, the Prius 2019 will be the first choice, the ripe “blueberry” for you to choose from. No hybrid car ever beats the Prius’s 21km / liter fuel economy rating.

In addition, the 2019 Toyota Prius review shows that this is a reliable companion, easy to drive thanks to the hatchback design. The rear seats are suitable for adults of average height. With the rear seats folded flat to the floor, there is plenty of space to store items or goods. There are 5 equipment packages for customers to choose from and a range of pre-equipped features.

Interior Prius rocket bunny kit
Interior Prius rocket bunny kit


  • The use of a lot of hard plastic decorations on the dashboard or door will slightly reduce the elegance of the car. The noise while sitting in the cabin can be heard from the wind or tires running. In addition, for speed enthusiasts, this model will not satisfy them because the maximum speed of the car and the sports suspension cannot be compared with other cars.
  • Models rivaling Prius that can run faster are Ford C-Max 2015. In addition, if customers want a larger car, they can try mid-size sedans such as Ford Fusion 215, Toyota. 2019 Camry Hybrid or Honda Accord Hybrid 2015. Each of these models has its own advantage, and they generally seem to stand out more than the Prius. But, Toyota Prius 2019 still deserves to be the leading car in terms of fuel efficiency and convenience.

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