Rav4 body kit 2019

Rav4 body kit 2019 3Piece car front bumper splitter lip cover modern

Feature Rav4 body kit 2019

  • Direct Fit.
  • Easy install and durable use.
  • Great quality and great Fitment.
  • Correct Connector No cutting or splicing.
  • Strict quality control standards to Build and test.
  • It’ll give you a sporty look without making it too aggressive.
  • Light in weight and enduring, different optical line comes from different points of view.
3pcs Rav4 body kit 2019 best
3pcs Rav4 body kit 2019 best

Review Rav4 body kit 2019 about safety equipment

  • Rav4 body kit 2019 safety equipment includes 8 airbag positions, VSC premium body stability control system, TRAC traction control, EBD electronic brake force distribution, Brake assist BA , Anti-lock braking unit ABS, Smart Stop Technology SST.
  • The Rav4 body kit 2019 safety and driver assistance features include Pre-Collision Warning that detects pedestrians with emergency braking, Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Steering Steering Assist, Lights smart phase.
  • Some other safety technologies are BSM blind spot monitoring, RCTA traffic warning, Panoramic camera, ICS intelligent ultrasonic recognition technology, RCTB rear emergency brake.
  • Two new technologies that first appeared on Rav4 body kit 2019 are LTA Lane Traction Assist System and RSA Signage Recognition System.
Interior Rav4 body kit 2019
Interior Rav4 body kit 2019

Toyota RAV4 2019 review of the engine

Engine-wise, the Rav4 body kit 2019 still uses a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder machine with an 8-speed automatic transmission or a CVT (hybrid version) continuously variable transmission.

Toyota says this engine has been tweaked for better performance than before. Both engine configurations will use all-wheel drive.

Review Toyota RAV4 2019 on driving experience

Experts say that the Rav4 body kit 2019 will operate extremely gently because the drag coefficient of the car has decreased by about 3 to 4% depending on the version thanks to the new floor frame. This part allows the air to circulate smoothly under the car to help RAV4 move “glide” than before.

In addition, the AWD-i hybrid powertrain of the RAV4 2019 has a capacity of up to 50% compared to its predecessor. Therefore, the car will have more pulling power and a more comfortable grip.

With this completely refreshed version, it can be said that Toyota RAV4 2019 is equipped with all the necessary “weapons” to cope with rival Honda CR-V in the small CUV segment.

Completely peeled

If the predecessor is compared to Clark Kent, the new generation RAV4 will be hailed as Superman. Developed on the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) chassis platform – a modular platform similar to other Toyota products such as Camry and Avalon, with 57% stiffer than the old chassis, comes With a flexible suspension system, the fifth generation RAV4 possesses the performance equivalent of a luxury car.

In addition, RAV4 also surprised many people by its flexible handling capabilities. With a compact, supple body, smooth brake pedals, flexible steering wheel, RAV4 2019 can conquer mountain roads with excitement, not inferior to Mazda CX-5 or Honda CR -V.

The power of the Toyota RAV4 2019 comes from a powerful 2.5-liter, in-line 4-cylinder engine that produces 203 horsepower at 6,600 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. Although the engine may roar, the cabin is still quiet thanks to a modern soundproofing system that helps prevent noise from outside.

Overview Rav4 body kit 2019
Overview Rav4 body kit 2019
  • With new equipment, the car can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 8 seconds and has fuel consumption respectively: 8.7 l / 100km of city, 6.9 l / 100km of highway and 8.1 l / 100km mixed. With all-wheel drive variants, fuel consumption will be: 9 l / 100km city, 7.1 l / 100km highway and 8.1 l / 100km mixed. An 8-speed automatic transmission is the only option for customers.
  • Toyota RAV4 2019 is also offered a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. Comprised of an Atkinson-cycle 2.5L 4-cylinder inline-cycle engine and trio of electric motors, the system produces a total output of 219 hp and helps the Hybrid RAV4 accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 7.8 seconds and has an estimated fuel consumption of 6 l / 100km mixed. All-wheel drive is standard on the Hybrid version, which comes with a CVT transmission.
  • The Limited and Adventure models also feature intelligent torque distribution to each wheel. With Rear Driveline Disconnect disconnect, 50% of the engine’s power can be transmitted to one or both of the rear wheels. The LE, XLE and XLE Premium versions are still offered with all-wheel drive, but without the ability to allocate torque intelligently.

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