Rocket bunny mk3 supra full

Rocket bunny Mk3 supra fiber glass spoiler lips full best

Rocket bunny Mk3 supra

This is a Rocket bunny Mk3 supra in black. The owner used wide front and rear fenders to fit the big wheels. We believe that they were cut about 2.5 inches out farther than stock. And we don’t need a vivid imagination to pick up on the design references to classic Supras.

Mk3 supra rocket bunny best
Mk3 supra rocket bunny best

Toyota Supra 2020 is incredibly pitiful with the Body-kit Rocket Bunny

Rocket bunny Mk3 supra has brought a completely new and really impressive look to the Toyota Supra 2020 sports car. This is considered one of the most expensive versions of this famous model.

The Rocket bunny Mk3 supra model with Rocket Bunny body-kit was made by famous designer Daily Driven Exotics. In addition to possessing a personality look with a fancy and aggressive body-kit, the car also has a green “outfit” that stands out equally and easily attracts anyone’s attention. who saw it.

Rocket bunny Mk3 supra on the Supra 2020 has the highlight of the large wheel recess and bulging outwards. With this new wheel arch, the tire size of the Supra 2020 is also slightly increased to give the overall look a lot stronger and more aggressive.

Overview Rocket bunny mk3 supra
Overview Rocket bunny mk3 supra

In addition to a large wheel arch, the car is also upgraded with components such as the lower front bumper, new spoiler, sports splitter and hole-punched studs … In addition, the Rocket bunny Mk3 supra wheel set body -kit Rocket Bunny is a unique multi-spoke type of gray-white paint.

According to the manufacturer, in addition to Rocket bunny Mk3 supra, this 2020 Supra will not receive any interference in the engine and available equipment. This means that users will still own a correct sports engine block on an overall eye-catching and fashionable appearance.

The Toyota Supra is a sports car that many people love, but still many people “complain” that it is not strong enough as the twin brother BMW Z4 M40i.

Although MagnaFlow’s xMOD exhaust does not bring a burst of power to the 382 hp 3.0-liter six-cylinder and 500 Nm of torque hidden under the Toyota Supra’s bonnet, it enough to make a sports car a little more appealing.

Rocket bunny mk3 supra promotion
Rocket bunny mk3 supra promotion
  • According to MagnaFlow, when the xMOD exhaust system is installed, the Supra has 4 more horsepower than the standard, this number is not much, but MagnaFlow also said in the actual test, these exhaust pipes will even help Supra. 14 hp more powerful if omitted from the carrier’s calibration limits.
  • Besides the addition of power, the new MagnaFlow exhaust is notable because it is a modular. This means owners can easily swap out parts to change the volume and tone to suit their preference.
  • This exhaust system costs $ 2,500 (~ 58.1 million) and comes with xMOD Muffler Modules for more aggressive bangs. Buyers can also install xTreme Delete Modules that will sound like race cars.

And yet, the new MagnaFlow exhaust also has two inlet options: the 76mm that corrects the airflow restrictions in the standard Supra exhaust, and the larger 90mm, which increases airflow by 36%, designed to support higher performance requirements.

The MagnaFlow exhaust is also lighter than the standard Rocket bunny Mk3 supra system (about 0.4 – 3.8 kg depending on specific settings). Finally, it comes with a special tuned wave resonator that promises to eliminate unwanted noise in the cabin when the vehicle is turned off in Sport mode.

Toyota Supra 2020 has an additional 2.0 turbocharged engine

  • Although it has been on the market for less than a year, the GR Supra has recently received an upgrade from Toyota for the 2021 model, most notably the addition of the 2.0 turbocharged engine option.
  • Accordingly, customers buying the Rocket bunny Mk3 supra will have an additional choice of 2.0 turbocharged engine, in addition to the previous version of the 3.0 turbocharger. This will help customers who love Supra to own a car with a softer price.
  • The new version uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter I4 engine. This engine block is capable of generating a maximum capacity of 255 horsepower in the range of 5,000 – 6,500 rpm, along with a maximum torque of 400 Nm. This power is transmitted to the rear wheel through an 8-speed gearbox, so the car can accelerate from 0 – 100 km / h in 5 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h.
Engine rocket bunny mk3 supra
Engine rocket bunny mk3 supra

With a smaller engine, the vehicle’s weight is also slightly reduced, from 1,542 kg to 1,443 kg. On the other hand, to reduce the weight of the car, Toyota has replaced the 10-speaker system with a 4-speaker system, the mechanical seats replace the electric seats and the one-piston brake system instead of four-piston as before. In addition, the active suspension and the active visor system will be removed.

Version using 3.0L engine will also have tweaks in performance as well as chassis. Like the BMW Z4 M40i, the 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine block using turbo technology now produces a power of up to 388 hp at 5800 – 6,500 rpm and 499 Nm of torque at 1,800 – 5,000 rpm range, approximately 48 horsepower stronger than 2020.

This allows the Supra 3.0 2021 to accelerate from 0 – 96 km / h in just 3.9 seconds, 0.2 seconds faster when compared to the Supra 3.0 2020.

  • Finally, Toyota will sell the Supra A91 Edition to replace the Launch Edition from the 2021 model. Like the Launch Edition, the car will also be limited in production, with only 1,000 units on the market. The car will be sold with a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine, along with two special paint colors Nocturnal (black) and Refraction (blue).
  • In this special version, the Toyota Supra owns the rear spoiler, carbon fiber mirror cladding, a special paint image in the C-column of the car and the matte black wheels. In addition, the brake shackles are painted red with the same Supra logo on the Supra 3.0 Premium. Inside, the car’s interior is covered with Alcantara suede with blue contrast stitching, and a special set of gloves and floor coverings.

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